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Massage Fish – Spa Experience | UK

Massage Fish

Massage Fish provides a fresh, new, fun experience for people of all ages.

Hundreds of tiny toothless fish tenderly graze over your feet, consuming the old dead skin giving a fresh new sensation.

The Massage Fish Spa Experience is new to the UK. It has been available in South East Asia for about 5 years and is now fast becoming known and accepted in the whole of Europe.

Fish/human interaction is perfectly safe, common, everyday occurrence and has happened since the beginning of time. It is pure and simple – clean family fun.

There are no health issues when compared to public swimming pools/hot tubs (we ensure adequate equipment is utilized). Local authority animal health have no immediate concerns and the local environmental health officers accept the practice.

There is a great visual attraction to the fish spa set-ups; it draws people into the arena. Hard skin and ageing cortex can be removed with repeat treatments and there is evidence to suggest health benefits for serious skin problems.

After the Massage Fish experience, your feet feel amazing, refreshed and healthy. It stimulates acupuncture points, helping to regulate the nervous system, relax the body and release fatigue. Blood circulation is increased during treatment.

This is a truly fascinating and genuinely therapeutic totally natural experience!

The Massage Fish supply fully trained staff, the spa tanks and all of the necessary equipment and provide full maintenance packages. They set-up the show and then provide professional insured personal for the complete duration of the event. Of course – they also provide and always take very good care of the true stars of the show – the hundreds of these really special fishes – the Garra Rufa Massage Fish.

Standard Length of Activity: 15 minutes for an experience, 30 minutes for a foot massage, 45 minutes for a pedicure.

Photos of Massage Fish