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Close-Up & Stage Magician

Maddox has opened Stadiums & Arenas as a magician most recently for Coldplay during their Head Full of Dreams Tour across the USA.

In contrast to stage shows he is equally as relaxed performing at small private events, where the magic is more intimate and direct. Close-up or on Stage, Maddox specialises in sleight of hand magic and mentalism to entertain all audiences.

Maddox specialises in Close-up Magic, which is entertainment in the hands and in front of his spectators. It provides an amazing vessel to interact and entertain guests during any moment of an event, mingling or strolling between small groups.

Suited for tables, walk-around, street and dynamic company or product launch events.
Connect and entertain an entire room together with magic on stage or within larger venue performances. Maddox creates stage shows that utilise sleight of hand and mentalism routines that involve audience members, and typically underpin a message or theme relevant to the event or celebration.

Parlour performances are a hybrid between Close-Up & Stage, most appropriate for audiences of 15 – 20 people at a time. Maddox can be booked as a stage or close up magician, and in addition have a parlour magic performance tagged onto the evening’s entertainment. It is an excellent way to entertain small to medium size groups of guests, and is perfect when there is a dedicated area for Maddox to perform.

Standard Length Of Performance:
Close-up Magic : 2 hours of magic to every 100 I 120 guests
Stage Shows : 30 – 45 minutes in length
Parlour Performances : 20 Minutes in length

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Here’s what Maddox – Close-Up & Stage Magician’s clients said:

That’s UNBELIEVABLE. Amazing. Thank you. Do you want to open for us on our Head Full Of Dreams Tour?
Chris Martin, Coldplay

What ARE you? It scares me how good this is!
Carly Rae Jepsen, Singer

You entertained our VIP guests with magic I have never seen before and incorporating our brand was a magnificent touch!
UBS Financial


Maddox – Close-Up & Stage Magician’s Previous Clients:

Alessia Cara
Carly Rae Jepsen
Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2015
Virgin V Festival

Video of Maddox – Close-Up & Stage Magician

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