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Lifeboat – Comedy Street Performance | UK


This “Street Boat” is based on an 8ft clinker-built skiff and carries two hilarious and eccentric characters into your event. The shipwrecked captain and boatswain’s mate have been adrift since 1786 and are more than a little confused! The high sea’s have beaten them, but rest asured that the high street is no problem. These savvy sailors will navigate their way around your event, becoming a focal talking point!

Standard Length of Performance: 3 x 30/40 minute sets


“We very much like and appreciate the inventiveness and quality of your work.”
– City of London Festival

“The reports I got back were rapturous, both from the staff and from conversations with the public.”
– Royal National Theatre

“… (they)..were extremely well received by Canary Wharf shoppers, workers and visitors. They couldn’t fail to raise a smile from even the most depressed.”
– Canary Wharf ltd

“As always your work goes down really well with the audiences and it’s great to see everyone enjoying themselves so much.”
– Streets Ahead Festival

Photos of Lifeboat