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Laser Clay Pigeon – Competitive Game | UK

Laser clays game scenarios are available with different scoring options making the system perfect for team building, challenge days, corporate events, conferences and fun day environments. Laser Clay Pigeon are proud to be one of the few mobile operators using the new MK3 laser sport laser clay systems (many operators are still using the dated MK1 & MK2 laser clay systems).

Laser Clay Pigeon simulator is played with authentic, but deactivated 12-bore shotguns; each system has 5 laser sport guns and a digital scoreboard.

The laser sport guns fire back an infra-red beam at the reflective re-usable clays – theres a realistic shotgun bang – hits are indicated by the sound of breaking clay and appear on the laser clay scoreboard.

Various laser sports shooting can be enjoyed by both children and adults alike with up to five people shooting at the same clays simultaneously with various formats, requiring increasing skill levels. The laser clay guns are recoil free making this system perfect for first time shooters.

Technical Specification:

– Due to the weight of guns it is suggested that users are a minimum age of 10
– Max number of users 5
– Rechargeable so no power required on site
– Operational space 100ft x 40ft
– Grassed or other similar surface required for the clays to land however guests can shoot from a hard standing surface.

Standard Length of Hire:

The standard length of hire is 4 hours.

Photos of Laser Clay Pigeon