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Hula Dancers

Aloha, won’t you join us in Hula Heaven? In grass skirts and flowery leis, this Hawaiian performance is a classic for long, lazy, sun-drenched days or steamy summer evenings. These costumes can be worn for any of their skills, including stilt and fire performance.

For wandering performance the Hula Heaven Dancers can wear portable sound systems or lights for out of this world kitsch. They can improvise or perform choreographed material, and interact with the audience whilst dancing (e.g. welcoming and guiding, handing out flowers and tropical refreshments). The Hula Dancers can also be available.

The use of light makes this act highly visible, even in full daylight. Great for outdoor or indoor events and there are 3 costumes available to choose from.

Hula Dancers : Book for your event

Hula Heaven

Great for summer evenings

Improvised or choreographed material

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