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Heston Bloomin Tall – Stiltwalkers | UK

Heston Bloomin Tall appears on stilts or on the ground adding the wow factor to any event as he juggles chef ingredients and/or kitchen utensils and gadgets. He’s the perfect addition to food events, grand openings, product launches, TV commercials, award presentations, cooking events.

Heston Bllomin Tall will happily pause for photos and selfies creating the perfect talking point during the event and further comment on social media, post event. He can take requests for food or chef items to be juggled in advance to enhance any corporate theme.

He has been known to juggle with: Rolling Pins, whisks, sieves, Ladles, wine bottles, tea bags, most fruit, vegetables,
And even fish.

Speciality juggling will be performed by request.

Photos of Heston Bloomin Tall