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Helen and Sharon – Body Painters | UK

Body painted promotional images or themed creations grabs people attention and can create visability for your campaign! Helen and Sharon are award winning body painting artists who have produced body painting artwork for live events, national promotional campaigns, magazine advertising and poster advertising for international events. Not only are they experienced with corporate logo’s, but they also have the ability to produce some beautiful body art such as landscapes and even decorating baby bumps!

Helen and Sharon are experienced professional face and body painting artists including working with henna and also offering balloon modelling. They have worked on nationwide poster campaigns, painted models for statue work at live events, and have designed unique and special ideas for personal or portfolio photography including pregnant tummy art.

They have completed commissions for fancy dress parties or balls which can be subtle skin decoration to complement an outfit or transformation working with costumes or larger scenes painted across chests and/or backs. For all commissions and model portfolio work they can arrange a professional photographer to capture the finished design.

Helen and Sharon also produce pregnant bump art. In many cultures painting paterns on a pregnant tummy is a tradition thought to bring good luck to the expectant Mum, as is decorating the pregnant tummy with Henna. They don’t know about that, but their clients tell us that they enjoy the relaxing experience of having their bump decorated! Blueskies Photography work with them to capture this unique moment and create wonderful images of a special time with their superb photography.

Standard Length of Activity: Up to 6 hours.
Workshops – 2 hours.


“A big thank-you for all your hard work the other day. You and Jo looked as though you were having a good time and it showed in the photos.”
- Cancer Research UK

"Having my bump painted... what an experience!! It was great fun and produced a great photo for my daughter for when she’s a bit older. If I were having any more babies I’d definitely have it done again."
- Private Client

Photos of Helen and Sharon - Body Painters