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Mirrored Stilt Walkers

In these modern times, image it seems is everything. Meet the mirrored stilt walkers, The Gorgeous Girls, that make it their priority to get the perfect photo for their Facebook profile. These mirrored stilt walkers have the make-up, they have the outfits, they have it all (or have they?). The Gorgeous Girls provide perfect entertainment for parades, meet & greet and indoor and outdoor shopping malls.

Join YOLO (you only live once) and FOMO (fear of missing out) as they encourage audiences young and old in their hilarious pursuit of the perfect selfie. With their amazing mirrored outfits and fabulous high heeled boots these stilt walkers always attract attention wherever they go!

Standard Length Of Performance:
3 x 30mins or 2 x 45 mins or in the case of a parade up to 2 hours in 1 stretch.

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Always attract attention wherever they go

Entertain audiences young and old alike

Great for indoor and outdoor shopping centres

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Here’s what Mirrored Stilt Walkers – The Gorgeous Girls’ clients said:

Absolutely Fabulous
St Stephens Mall Group

Fantastic! We’ve never seen teenagers engage with the festival in such a positive way before
Hull Freedom Festival


Mirrored Stilt Walkers – The Gorgeous Girls’ Previous Clients:

St Stephens Mall group
Freedom Festival
Glastonbury Festival
Hull City of Culture
Humber Calling

Video of Mirrored Stilt Walkers – The Gorgeous Girls

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