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Gogol Bordello – Famous Band | USA

Gogol Bordello are available to book for a variety of events – we work in direct association with their representative as a booking agent for Gogol Bordello.

Gogol Bordello are a famous gypsy punk and folk rock band, and they can perform at your party! Whether it is a private or corporate event, we can book Gogol Bordello for you. We are a booking agent for Gogol Bordello and we can arrange everything for you.

Gogol Bordello originated in New York and debuted in 1999. In the 16 years following their debut, they have released six studio albums and one EP. Each of the 16 albums is very different compared to the other since Gogol Bordello have been living and recording all over the world, from the beginning. They travel, get to know different cultures and then release a new song or an album. However, they do not merely entertain you with music, they sing about life, world power, social problems, and they teach. Speaking about themselves as the citizens of the world and trying to live without political borders, which they call “scars on the face of the planet”, they always tour and please their listeners with something new.

Gogol Bordello is a truly international band with Ukrainian, Ecuadorian, Belarusian, Ethiopian, American, Russian, and Chinese members. Their style is characterized as a blend of gypsy rhythms, punk, folk rock and dub. Apart from a usual set of instruments, a colorful and always good crazy on stage, Gogol Bordello, are accompanied by a saxophone, accordion and violin.

Their performances are always crazy and emotional as if they were real gypsies. Contact us to book Gogol Bordello for your event which will make your event unforgettable, with them performing on stage!

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