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Genie Nik – Walkabout Character | UK

Genie Nik

This wonderful Genie will have you wishing the evening will never end. He does more than just three tricks, better than your average genie!

Not only is he a genie but he is also a lyrical master, often reciting his magic poem:

If you don’t believe in magic,
And you’re grumpy all the time,
It would be awfully tragic,
If I couldn’t change your mind.

Firstly you must close your eyes,
Which means that you can’t see,
You’ll soon begin to realise,
Your mind can be set free.

Forgot the things you understand,
And all the things you know,
Count to three then clap your hands,
Let the magic start to flow.

Perfect for childrens parties and Arabian night themed events, Genie Nik is a brilliant and multi skilled entertainer. Versatile enough to fit into most situations he has a whole host of abilities. This walkabout mime artist will add some humour to your event.

Skills Available Include:

Juggling Arabian swords
Contact Juggling with a Crystal Ball
Magic tricks
Rug Flying
Wish Granting (within reason!)
Rope Tricks
Rug Spinning
Glowing Thumb Tips
Elastic Band Magic

Photos of Genie Nik