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Gayna – Psychic & Astrologer | UK

Gayna is an astrologer, clairvoyant, Tarot reader and numerologist, and is considered to be one of the UK’s most accurate psychic astrologers.

She has analysed over 300 birth charts including those of well-known celebrities and personalities, as well as relationship and comparison charts, and predictions. Much of her work is repeat business.

A featured expert in the popular television series ‘Housebusters’, currently shown on Five, Gayna’s role here demonstrates her abilities in astrology, clairvoyance and design.

She appeared on Russell Grant’s show on Sky One several times. She has written many articles on astrology and clairvoyance and once wrote for Mensa magazine! She regularly gives live-to-air readings on BBC Radio and brand new station ‘CityTalk FM’ and has written two books, including “Energise!”, a handbook on using affirmations.

As well as her work in esoteric matters, Gayna is a qualified and experienced designer. She combines these skills to help people with difficulties with their homes by identifying problem areas, resolving them by using a variety of techniques including colour therapy, feng shui, ancient and modern methods of cleansing and space clearing as well as astrology and design.

She has recently been working on three shows featuring astrological and psychic experts, shown on digital TV in Britain and Europe. She has also filmed a TV programme in which she analyses birth charts and reads Tarot for celebrities.

Gayna began reading cards and doing birth charts for friends when she was twelve years old and has carried on developing these skills ever since. Having studied with some of the leading experts in the field, she is now an experienced astrologer and an accurate Tarot reader who has run her own successful practice for two decades.

She uses intuitive powers as well as her established knowledge in her readings, which are upbeat and positive. Gayna is warm and open and puts everyone at their ease. Her attitude is that all problems can be solved through understanding, and life is too short to suffer unnecessarily!


"Gayna has insight and is a compassionate and experienced person in this field, so that when she gave me a reading, I felt I could trust her. This has proved to be right, as have her predictions. The tendencies and general way things are going in my life, which Gayna advised me on, are spot on, in particular to do with relationships. Thanks Gayna!"
- Eileen Fitzpatrick, photographer

"It was quite an event to receive my birth-chart from Gayna , and accurate to within a few minutes of my birth-date. I am a private artist, and could see straight away that it looked unusual, and when its structure was explained and revealed through Gayna's expertise, I began to find original answers to questions I had thought about all through my life. The written forecast that Gayna provided for me was at times uncannily accurate, as if portraying a character in a movie with more than one screenplay. I would say that a consultation with an astrologer as thoughtful and perceptive as Gayna is to be highly recommended as a positive and constructive life experience."
- William Curwen, artist

Previous Clients Include:

Sky One
CityTalk FM
BBC Radio
Russell Grant

Photos of Gayna