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F1 Simulator | UK

Produced under licence from an original Formula 1 car and combined with some unique features this product is a great success at exhibition stands, trade shows, and launches.

This incredible simulator includes; the latest force feedback steering controls, quick release steering wheel, pedals (accelerator and brake) that are adjustable electrically, a totally authentic F1 seat, to give the perfect driving position, realistic full size front suspension, real F1 wheels and F1 tyres, full size nosecone, fully integrated sound system and branded backdrops. Advanced real-time vehicle modeling and force feedback, recreate the feel of driving a Formula One car as never before. Feel every bump and exprience the adrenaline of life in an F1 cockpit.

Size: width - 1700mm, length - 3160mm, height - 960 mm.

F1 can be shipped overseas, these are the dimensions:

F1 Dims: Car ( boxed up ) 1700mm wide x 2850mm long x 1200mm H. Weight: 300Kgs
Further equipment for F1:
Flight case 1: 750mm W x 2120mm L x 1400mm H. Weight 400 Kgs
Flight case 2 : 270mm W x 1150mm L x 740mm H Weight 125 Kgs

The F1 Virtual Simulator lasts approximately 3.5 minutes per go.

Photos of F1 Simulator