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Emma – Psychometry, Psychic & Tarot | UK

Emma’s psychic mediumship ability came naturally from a young age. Inherited via the maternal line, the ability within her family can be traced back for many generations. Upon moving to London, she embarked on a lengthy period of intensive study, undertaking courses in many of the varying psychic and mediumistic disciplines, both at the College of Psychic Studies and the Spiritualist Association of Great Britain.

Emma’s specific areas of expertise (detailed below) include psychic mediumship, psychic tarot card reading, psychometry, and remote viewing, of which she is happy to make a combination for larger-scale events and occasions. Emma is approachable, kind and caring, whilst also being charismatic and entertaining, with a great sense of humour. All of which she brings into her unique and memorable readings. What Emma offers is more of an experience than a reading, as it will leave you questioning the very nature of reality.

Emma has just been made a teacher at the College of Psychic Studies, and is due to start in the Spring of 2013

Psychic Mediumship readings, psychometry & Psychic Tarot

Private psychic mediumship readings are best suited to those wishing to gain clarity and guidance on past, present, and future events, whilst reestablishing contact with loved ones in spirit. This style of reading is always positive, optimistic, and uplifting. They are spookily accurate and highly evidential, providing specific information e.g. names of people and places. The information is always delivered in an organic and spontaneous manner, rather than as a direct response to questions. I can also focus on specific questions or areas of interest belonging to one of the four strands detailed below:

Forecasting: (within a specified time frame):

Personal and family life i.e. love and relationships, money and finances, work and career, political conditions, technological, economic, social trends and developments, environmental activity, weather conditions, stock market investments and commodities, sales opportunities, etc.


Health and medical problems, mechanical problems, safety hazards, sources of human error, environmental hazards, etc.


Design and construction alternatives, investment choices, marketing strategies, technological alternatives, etc.


Missing people, animals, objects, art, artefacts, oil, mineral deposits, archaeology, etc.


Psychometry adds an extra dimension of fun to a psychic reading whereby I can see into a persons past, present, and future by holding a personal object or item, which is frequently worn or used like a piece of jewellery, a watch, a phone, or keys, etc. Psychic tarot card reading is also good fun for larger-scale public events, group bookings, or special occasions.

Standard Length of Performance:

Emma can take bookings which last a few hours, a whole day, or even several days, as long as she has adequate rest breaks.


"Dear Emma, Thanks so much for coming along to our Christmas party, you were brilliant. Everyone loved it- and have been raving about your readings in the office all week!! Also just to let you know that everything you told me has now happened! I really enjoyed it and would absolutely recommend you to friends."
- Time Out Xmas Party

"I would like to thank Emma for her professional guidance. I found her very dedicated. Her broad and deep knowledge about clairvoyance and Tarot were impressive and have very much broadened my horizon. I would recommend Emma without hesitation to my friends who are interested in these areas."
- HSBC Banking Singapore

"Dear Emma, Thank you so much for your time at our Summer party on Thursday, you went down a storm and our clients are all raving about you!"
- Sundance Summer Fair

"Emma was brilliant and a huge success last night. I think our clients needed a few glasses before they got brave but then waiting in a queue. 🙂 She was really sweet and great! Thanks a lot for the organisation! Everybody was really happy with her!"
- The Caffeine Partnership Ltd (via Contraband)

"Just wanted to say how wonderful Emma was on Saturday night. Thanks so much!"
- G&D Events (via Contraband)

Previous Clients Include:

Time Out
Sundance Advertising
Sky TV
Channel 4
Tate Modern
Borough Wines
Jamie Oliver
Impetus PR & Marketing
Fit PR
Secret Productions
Barclays PLC
Polydor Ltd
Partizan Productions

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