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The Disco Shed was conceived in a moment of euphoric garden party madness by club promoters Peepshow Paddy and Aidan ‘Count’ Skylarkin, who decided it would be a good idea to take the shed they were in at the time on the road to their favourite festivals.

Remarkably, the idea came to fruition, and they made it out of their back garden in time to rock the The Big Chill and Truck 9 festivals in 2006, where the shed entertained festival-goers with it’s unique blend of good time party vibes, kitsch décor, garden games and quality music, including special guest appearances from some of the festivals’ major acts, and now-legendary sets from the Peepshow and Skylarkin’ Sound system residents.

Especially pimped up, the disco shed is now available to rock a field near you.
Since its birth at Big Chill 2006, The Disco Shed has become festival-land’s must-have accessory. As eclectic as, well, the contents of your average garden shed – Disco Shed DJs spin everything from soul to reggae, hip hop to house, and allotment-rockin’ beats, then drink the bar dry and moan about getting splinters.

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The Disco Shed can be hired daily.

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Euphoric garden party madness

Good vibes

Rockin beats

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Here’s what Disco Shed- Mobile Disco Shed with DJ ‘s clients said:

“And then there was the Disco Shed. It will be a thing of legend, I’m sure: one shed, two blokes, mixing decks and a glittery disco ball. There were plant pots and garden gnomes, all on a little hill where countless people danced well into the night. It was truly magical how good that little shed and the music emanating from it made everyone feel.”

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