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Captain Calamity and team are among the UK’s best character driven interactive children’s act.
Captain Calamity utilises magic, story telling, games, slapstick, circus skills, balloon modelling, puppets, dancing and song to enchant children of all ages in a world of interactive adventure.

With Captain Calamity the children become the stars, engaging with the performers and becoming part of the act. They are invited to shout out, jump up and get stuck into the action, becoming a member of a pirate crew or students at the Irazimus School of Wizardry or even joining the Mad Hatter and March Hare for a spot of tea.

Anything is possible when Captain Calamity and team tap into the unlimited resource that is a child’s imagination!

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Enchants children of all ages in a world of interactive adventure

The children the stars by engaging with them and making them part of the act

Anything is possible when Captain Calamity teams up with a child’s imagination

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Here’s what Captain Calamity – Children’s Entertainer’s clients said:

”Captain Calamity went very well and he was swarmed with children.”

Palace Exchange Shopping Centre

“I cannot express how delighted we are (and have been) with Captain Calamity. We have used them continuously throughout 2007 and intend to use them again in 2008. When running the grotto, the staff operating it not only came costumed up (to a very high standard) as Santa and Elves, but they were all trained actors and entertainers who actively engaged the children with magic, balloon modelling and circus skills whilst they waited in the queue to see Santa. This sort of entertainment really does enhance the customer experience. I would not hesitate rec-ommending them to other Malls, not only in running grottos but also throughout the year for numerous events.”

The Mall Pavilions

“What can I say about Captain Calamity and the team? Always on time, brilliant costumes, work great with the client, totally trustworthy, clients love them, innovative, fun a pleasure to work with, the list could go on. I have worked with the team on a number of varied events now and they have ALWAYS exceeded my expectations. And what is more they are fun to work with and low maintenance too, vital when working with a stressed event manager behind the scenes!”

The MotivAction Group

“This morning went really well. The children had a fantastic time and Captain Calamity did an absolutely first rate job of keeping them entertained! Everyone there (children and adults) was very impressed with him indeed. It was exactly what we were looking for. Please pass on my huge thanks to him!”

11 Downing Street

“As an entertainment company we have used Captain Calamity for a variety of events – a corporate children’s pantomime, an ‘It’s a Knock-out’ Fun day (as comedy referee), and recently for two children’s community shows – Rhyme Time in Storyland and Captain Calamity’s Pirate Show. In all of the shows we have been impressed by the transformations into funny, colourful characters which interact so well with their audiences, whether they are 2 years old or for corporate team building. Costumes and sets are colourful, eye-catching and are perfect for photo opportunities at any event. The team are punctual, highly professional and are adaptable to fit to the client’s brief, whilst giving excellent advice based on their own long experience. I would not hesitate to use them again and look forward to trying out some of their other characters for future events.”

Cohesion ltd

“Lola’s 6th birthday was well wicked, fly and fresh…you were completely brilliant, thanks so much. See you next year!”

Sara Cox (BBC radio DJ)

“Captain Calamity was superb, he did a great stage show and got everyone involved, he then spent hours making balloon animals etc for the kids and actually had a queue forming.”

Heart FM

“Captain Calamity was amazing and the kids (and adults) loved him. We had so many positive comments (including from the staff at the venue) and he was perfect – just what we, and the children, wanted for our wedding reception! He constantly entertained the children with lots of different activities – simply fantastic! We would not hesitate in recommending him.”

Private Client

”Just wanted to say Thank You for throwing yourself into our open event
with such enthusiasm. You were brilliant! Their photo is in the staff magazine.
Your magical Christmasy fairy dust worked wonders!

University College London Hospitals

“We were extremely satisfied with Pitch and Patch the cheeky elves for our Christmas entertainment. Being a roaming duo they were able to spread festive cheer throughout all areas of our centre, thus benefiting all retailers. Also, they had something to entertain everyone – from shows, plate spinning, balloon modelling and even assisting shoppers in a practical fashion by helping them pack their groceries!”

The Ashley Shopping Centre

“I would just like to say once again how fantastic Pitch and Patch have been. I have only had really positive feedback – you guys have been a wonderful choice of Christmas entertainment! Thank you!”

The Ashley Shopping Centre

“The party was a huge success. Captain Calamity was fantastic. The children loved him and my little girl felt that he made her special day really fun. A number of parents have said how impressed they were and how much he appears to love his work. Please pass on our thanks.”

Private Client

“Just a note to say that Captain Calamity was fantastic. He arrived early which for me is always a good sign and from that moment on was completely professional. The best part however was how he kept everyone (17months to 50 years old) entertained for the whole 2 hours with staff trying also to catch a bit of the show. I am very happy and would not hesitant to recommend him to others and have again next year.”

Private Client

“I would like to send a big thank you to Patch the Elf on behalf of the 50+ children that you kept entertained during our Christmas party. I have received nothing but positive feedback from the parents, so I hope you can pay a return visit for our next party. The fact that every child stayed sitting and was kept enthralled during your whole performance is a testament to your skill as an entertainer. Your balloon modelling was also a great success with some of the best and innovative creations I have ever seen.”


“Captain Calamity was AWESOME – went down extremely well with kids and adults – we will be using him again! Unfortunately no video footage or photos – but 80 happy kids!!”

Price Waterhouse Coopers LLP

“Thank you so much for all your help with booking Captain Calamity for Jasmine’s party- he was wonderful, amazing, magical, funny, the list is endless- children and adults alike were entertained continually, he was without doubt the best entertainer I have ever seen at a kids party, he even got Jasmine involved which is no mean feat as she is so shy!! He made each and every child feel so special and part of the party, nothing was too much trouble for him- I would highly recommend him to anyone.”

Private Client

“A massive thank you for all of your help, support and assistance at the CSC Generation Games event; it was wonderful to know immediately that I could rely on you to immerse yourself as part of our team. Your balloon modelling skills are second to none, and really quite extraordinary, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for making this new client to us very happy indeed. I sincerely hope we get the opportunity to work together again sometime soon.”

RLC Productions

“I booked Captain Calamity for my twins 5th birthday party. He had 40 children completely under his spell. They loved every minute of his Dragon Puppet, Dance routines, balloon modelling and the amazing Bubble Show at the end. Would recommend for any party from little kids up, boys or girls.”

Private Client

“All I can say is incredible! Captain Calamity is an exceptional entertainer. His magic, games, dancing, amazing balloons, Scorcher the Dragon Puppet (which the kids love) and circus skills are truly brilliant. If that isn’t enough, his bubble show had the kids in stunned silence. Giant bubbles with bubbles blown into them, smoke filled bubble chains, towers of foam, bubble blankets and kids inside bubbles just wowed us all!!! He can control the kids beautifully leaving the parents to concentrate on taking photos and enjoying the whole experience. Thank you Captain. We will be joining your crew again.”

Private Client

“Wow! Sophia is my third child and so I have seen a LOT of entertainers at parties but it’s definitely true that you are by far and away a cut above the rest. Your bubble show is a joy to all who watch it from aged 1-100 and the way you kept all the children entertained for all that time is phenomenal. Thank you so so much for making Sophia’s party the best ever. All my children adore you and now I will be bringing them all to your show in Radlett.”

Private Client

“As a mum of a 4yr old and a 6 yr old I have been to a fair few parties and seen all the local entertainers but no one matches Captain Calamity. Not only are the kids thoroughly well entertained but the grown-ups have a great time too. My oldest son loved his 5th birthday with Captain Calamity and my youngest son can’t wait for his birthday this year either. We all find the bubbles fascinating. Keep up the good work Captain Calamity; you will always get our vote!”

Private Client

“It’s not even a question of what entertainer to have for my sons next birthday, its about making sure that Captain Calamity is available to bring the bubbles, magic, fun and silliness that he brought last time to my son’s 3rd birthday! It was truly magical and the fact that my little one is STILL talking about it, still laughing about the silly magic wand poking captain calamity in the nose and the magic socks is a true testament to how brilliant Captain Calamity is! To my son he is a celebrity, and anyone who can fill my little one with so much excitement, imagination and happiness is a star in my eyes too. Its countdown now until his 4th birthday and I am just as excited as my son!”

Private Client


Captain Calamity – Children’s Entertainer’s Costumes:

Mad Hatter
Christmas Elves
Ring Master
Harold Ziddler
Flower Suit
Tartan Suit
Mad Professor
Batman, Superman, Spiderman
Buzz Lightyear
Ben 10
Doctor Who
Gameshow Host
Mad Conductor
Indianna Jones


Captain Calamity – Children’s Entertainer’s Acts:

Balloon Jam

This fantastic balloon show is a 45 minute spectacle where great balloon creations are made before your eyes and the audience are taken on a fantastic journey through the amazing magical world of balloonology with Professor Peter Popoff and his resourceful student Berty Burst.

Show includes: Balloon creations, balloon magic, balloon ballet, balloon swallowing, lots of audience participation, a stunning balloon finale!!!

Pirate Party

Captain Hook and Shipman Smee gate crash your event, press gang, sing and dance and get the party goers involved in all array of silly games. Plenty of surprises guaranteed.

Spy Games

This is a unique two hour party package for ages 6 – 10 years old.
All participants compete in a series of spy challenges that test both mental and physical agility. The Spy Games are run by Agent X. Our agent has the unique ability of entertaining children (he is first and foremost a children’s entertainer) whilst also remaining in character through out and giving the young participants every reason to believe he is a real spy.

The Mad Hatter & The March Hare

Time for tea! Help this pair celebrate their very merry unbirthdays. Join them as they chase the dormouse around the table, stand on one foot to save on shoe leather, sing The Wobble Song, measure the crowd, stand up, fall down, shout, sing and generally make fools of themselves and everyone around them. Backward is forward and up is down in this crazy world of fun and frolics.

Pitch & Patch

Pitch and Patch have escaped from Santa’s workshop and they arrive at your event just in time to spread merriment, good cheer and fair amount of mischief.

These cheeky elves provide a whole host of seasonal interactive entertainment including magic, story telling, games, balloon modelling, puppet show with Scorcher the Smoking Dragon, circus skills, silly dancing, carol singing, snow machine and the appearance of Father Christmas himself if required.
Whether you want a Christmas show or mix and mingle entertainment, these eccentric elves will make an ideal addition to your Christmas entertainment.
Crafts and face painting also available.


All characters can provide a whole host of themed interactive entertainment for your Easter event including magic, story telling, games, balloon modelling, puppets, circus skills and silly dancing
Easter egg hunt, crafts and face painting also available.


The amazing Halloween characters can provide a whole host of themed interactive entertainment for your Halloween event including meet and greet, children’s magic, spooky balloon modelling, silly dancing, plate spinning, puppets, games and more!

St George’s Day

Scorcher the Dragon is our fantastic smoking dragon puppet star in this fantastic interactive story telling show alongside St George and the Jester.

Shows include magic, storytelling, games, silly dancing, balloon modelling and circus skills all utilised to tell the enchanting and interactive story of George and the Dragon.

Shows last approx 30 minutes though they can be made to last longer or reduced to fit in with the client’s requirements.

Star Bores

Package 1:

In Space no-one can hear you Agadoo! Major Disaster and Captain Catastrophe have crash landed. These are astronauts who are quite literally lost in space. The children need to power up their rocket ship the USS Jellybelly using magic, laughter and fun. Two spacemen who will launch your event with style!

Package 2:

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… Obi-Have and Anni-Can’t Skywalk are Jedeye knights who need to train the younglings in the ways of the force to keep the dark side at bay. Learn physical agility and how to use the Jedeye mind trick to achieve seemingly impossible feats. These two will prove without doubt; with great power comes great irresponsibility!

The package includes magic, story telling, games, balloon modelling, puppets, circus skills and silly dancing.

Super Zeroes

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No – it’s ‘Super Zeros’!

Faster than an asthmatic tortoise with some heavy shopping, and able to leap small furry mammals in one bound our superhero themed entertainers are here to save the world once more. After an accident involving some kryptonite a sink plunger and a slightly over ripe banana our heroes have lost their super powers. With some help from the children they may be able to get their powers back, defeat their arch nemesis, save the girl and look suitably smug just in the nick of time!

The package includes magic, story telling, games, balloon modelling, puppets, circus skills, silly dancing.
All kit used is PAT tested and carry relevant labels.

Wacky Wizards

Join Professor Irazimus the Wise and apprentice Murgo the Unready as they stumble through their magical show. Help them with their conjuring calamities, shocking spells, tragic tricks and ridiculous ramblings as the professor attempts to teach his apprentice a thing or two about sorcery. Balloon modelling, puppetry, story-telling, slapstick and much more is on offer as this hapless pair creates a world of wonderment at your event.

The performers are CRB Checked and Public Liability Insured and are Equity registered entertainers.
All kit used is PAT tested and carry relevant labels.

Standard Length of Performance: approximately 2 hours.

Balloons and Bubbles

This is Captain Calamity’s new fantastic show, which is heavily influenced by the TV and film Superhero movies of the 90’s. It’s a one man balloon and bubble show. Captain Calamity follows instructions sent to him on a CD (by The Guild of Superheroes or GOSH for short) on how to become a Superhero.

From the moment Captain Calamity strides into the centre with his box of tricks and his recorded instructions on ‘How to be a Superehero’, he is ready to try out his skills on an audience of citizens who he is certain must be saved. He will create a bubble force-field, an inpenetrable giant balloon shield, and demonstrate his amazing powers including superhero mind reading and feets of balloon bending strength that you can only despair at.

This show of superhero shenanigans is a gentle poke at some of the worst movies of the 90’s including:

Batman and Robin
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
Mario Bros
Mystery Men
Street Fighter
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and lots more…

Set Times

It’s a 30 minute show. Captain Calamity can perform up to 3 shows in a day with balloon modelling and mix and mingle between shows.


Captain Calamity – Children’s Entertainer’s Previous Clients:

11 Downing Street
Madonna and Guy Ritchie
Sultan of Brunei
Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin
Trinny and Susannah
Latchme Mettal
TUI Holidays
Thomson Holidays
First Choice Holidays
MotivAction Events
Continental Drifts
Les Enfants Parties
Twizzle Parties
Guiness World Records
Kidology UK
Glaxo Smythe Kline
T- Mobile
Barclay Card
Price Waterhouse Cooper

Videos of Captain Calamity – Children’s Entertainer

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