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Bungee Run – Competitive Game | UK

Human strength vs the bungee rope, that is Bungee Running.

Having put on a body harness with the required number of bungee ropes attached depending on the weight and strength of the participant, two people run like blazes and place their markers on the marked velcro strip running along the top of the centre wall, before being pulled back by the bungee rope.

This Bungee Run is 35ft long and 15ft wide and can be operated indoors or outdoors.


"All went well on Friday apart for the weather; torrential rain all day and luckily around 6pm it stopped just in time for our event!! The stalls and inflatables went down very well with everybody and the crew were very helpful all evening. Thanks again for all your help."
- Holiday Autos (via Contraband)

Photos of Bungee Run