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Book The Prodigy to light up the stage at your event, this dynamic band will be a massive hit with your guests and make a fantastic impression. As a booking agent for The Prodigy we can arrange for them to perform at your function for an unforgettable experience that will make it a huge success.

The Formation
When aspiring musician Liam Howlett met rave dancer and vocalist Keith Flint at a party in 1989 it led to a formation of people that would become world-renowned electronica group The Prodigy. The pair, with the addition of keyboardist Leroy Thornhill and MC Maxim formed the band and went on to put together a demo tape, written, produced and mixed by Howlett. After gaining a record deal they went on to produce their first hit single, ‘Charly’ which spread like wildfire through the music scene, quickly climbing to no. 3 on the UK Singles Chart. Their next track made no. 2 before the subsequent album ‘Experience’ was released the following year, becoming certified Platinum.

As the rave scene they had exploded onto began to move on from its hardcore phase so did The Prodigy, who sought a new direction for their sound which came in the shape of a second album. ‘Music for the Jilted Generation’ debuted at no. 1 on the charts; a fusion of electro, rock and dance that electrified listeners and gained the band a dedicated fan base.

Taking Off
The group’s iconic track ‘Firestarter’ hit the airwaves in 1996, launching The Prodigy to stratospheric heights with its heavy beats and exciting sound. The track was their first containing Keith Flints vocals and stormed the charts, helping them to break into the US and grabbing their first no. 1 position on the UK charts. The ensuing album ‘The Fat of the Land’ was an instant success, the release coinciding with them opening for the major festival Glastonbury. The record embraced their beloved punk aesthetic and conquered both the US and UK charts with a top spot on both. Now an established name in the music industry, winning over fans from a multitude of genres thanks to their unique blend, The Prodigy continued to tour and impress with their magnetic live performances.

Following a hiatus after the departure of member Leroy Thornhill, The Prodigy returned to command the charts in 2004 with their fourth album. Titled ‘Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned’ it achieved a no. 1 position and was sold over the internet. Their next record; ‘Invaders Must Die’ was released in 2009 and won over the masses with their return to their adored rave elements, also claiming the top spot on the charts. Howlett states the album was a ‘celebration’ of the three of them being back together.

Live Legends
Repeatedly praised for their legendary live performances and unbridled energy on stage, fans were overjoyed when The Prodigy released a live album. ‘World on Fire’ was recorded during their performance at Warriors Dance Festival alongside a concert film documenting the show which was their biggest to date with over 65,000 people in the audience. They then returned to the studio to record new material and spent the next few years headlining various major music festivals while working on their next album ‘The Day is My Enemy’ which was released in March 2015 to widespread critical acclaim.

Still with much more promised in the pipeline, The Prodigy announced their next album in the summer of 2018, to be titled ‘No Tourists’, it will be released in November of the same year.

Awards & Accolades
Over the course of their thrilling career The Prodigy have revolutionised genres and become established as one of the most prominent bands in the industry. They have received countless awards and nominations including two Grammy nominations, winning two BRIT awards; alongside being nominated for another six, four MTV Video Music Awards and a further six MTV Europe Music Awards.

Book The Prodigy
If you would like to book The Prodigy for an incredible event with electrifying music and a mesmerising performance, then we can help make it happen. As a booking agent for The Prodigy we can arrange for them to put on a memorable show at your event. Our experienced and knowledgeable account managers would be delighted to assist with any enquiries, just give us a call if you are interested in booking The Prodigy for an event to remember.

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Book The Prodigy

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