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Great British Bake Off Baker 2018

You can book Manon Lagrève to delight your guests with her brilliant baking that is sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. This charismatic baker impressed the judges and stunned the nation with her delicious bakes while on the Great British Bake Off. We are a booking agent for Manon Lagrève and can arrange for the talented baker to appear at your special event. And… as H.U.G.E Great British Bake Off fans we grabbed the opportunity to ask Manon, some questions (see below)!

Raised in a small village in Brittany (France), Manon Lagrève grew up on a farm where food is celebrated as the core of family life. Manon’s culinary love was second nature, keenly watching her mother and grandmother cook every meal from scratch; from breads to biscuits, and of course, desserts.

At 20, Manon Lagrève traded rural France for the lure of the big city, she moved to London to work as an au pair and become fluent in English. Six years later and Manon hasn’t left, falling in love with multi-cultural London and focusing her love of cooking firmly on baking…

The wonderful array of bakeries, colourful cakes and cupcakes London has to offer inspired Manon to start baking for friends, as well as company and charity bake-offs.

In 2016 Manon Lagreve’s passion for baking led her to found her own lifestyle and baking blog Manon’s Little Kitchen.

In 2018 Manon Lagrève entered The Great British Off where she reached the Quarter Final.

Manon’s recipes and bakes are inspired by her French heritage, modern London and the countless places she continues to travel and explore around the world.

To learn more about this gifted baker, we took the opportunity to ask Manon Lagrève some questions…

What was your “Oh noooo! I could jump out of the window” moment on The Great British Bake Off?
Manon: I think it was when after 4 hours of hard work, my chocolate collar cake acetate did not want to come off … chocolate and 35 degrees don’t get along!

What was your “Mega Wow! I could run around the tent with jazz hands” moment on The Great British Bake Off?
Manon: When I was crowned star baker for the first week! I had a tough time before starting the show and it was reassuring to think that maybe I had my place in the tent!

Is there any particular baking wisdom that stuck with you from The Great British Bake Off?
Manon: Just do it!

What was your favourite The Great British Bake Off ‘week’ i.e. Pie Week/Vegan Week etc…
Manon: Maybe all of them apart from the ones I did badly? Haha probably bread week as I did a tribute to my family tattoo with my Korovai.

How did you learn to bake?
Manon: Growing up, there was never a meal without dessert. I guess the eating and my love for sweets slowly transformed into how do I not need mum to make a cake?

Who was your baking inspiration?
Manon: This is a hard one because obviously my family has had a big impact, but it is really the diversity of cakes in London that truly inspired me.

What was the first cookbook you bought or received?
Manon: My mum is a big fan of food magazines so we have plenty, but the real first baking book I bought was the hummingbird bakery one. (smiley)

Who is your favourite friend or family member to bake for?
Manon: Again, tough one, I think I enjoy mostly baking birthday cakes or wedding cakes.

Are you more of a chocolate sponge or vanilla sponge person?
Manon: Chocolate Sponge.

What recipe do you think you could bake with your eyes closed?
Manon: My kinder chocolate brownies.

What is your favourite comfort food to bake?
Manon: Homemade filled pasta with a creamy cheesy sauce.

What’s your favourite ingredient or flavour to bake with?
Manon: I think it would be praline (caramelised hazelnuts).

What is your funniest baking experience?
Manon: When I bake at home and my best friend Charlotte is around, I always make her a little sandwich with the top of the sponge I don’t need and some icing on top. Once, we both nearly ate the full pumpkin sponge cake because it was so good!

If you were on a dessert island, which cake would you be dreaming of / salivating for?
Manon: Paris Brest!

Which bake would make you… mumble eugh?
Manon: Not a fan of chocolate orange … soz!

If you could bake for any guest (living/deceased) – who would you like to bake for & what would you bake?
Manon: Ryan Gosling, anything he requests. (heart)

If you would be any cake – what cake would you be?
Manon: A chic giant macaron with a pink white chocolate ganache, matcha mousse, fresh raspberries and some fresh edible flowers.

Have you ever baked a cake which made you respond with an… ewwww?
Manon: Luckily it has never happened (yet!)

Which baking utensil could you not live without?
Manon: My KitchenAid.

Which baking/cooking gadget were you really excited to buy/receive but now just resides in a kitchen drawer?
Manon: Spiraliser (there are so much spaghetti vegetables you can do…)

When baking, are you a meticulous millimeter measurer or a more laid-back, intuitive, throw-it-in baker?
Manon: I think I am very meticulous with the way it looks and it has to be perfect! In terms of the making, in patisserie you have to be very precise, which is less important in cake making.

What is your slickest baking tip?
Manon: Grease your tin with butter and then cover with flour, it will NEVER stick to your tin, EVER. (I am also pretty good at teaching how to pipe icing (smiley))

Which groovy tunes do you listen to when baking?
Manon: I sometimes listen to the News French radio, podcasts, and in terms of music I vary between Swifty, Florence + the machine etc. (anything I can sing along to!)

Which city is your baketastic destination to visit?
Manon: Kyoto! It is full of amazing cute little bakeries and I was fascinated by the amount of beautifully packed biscuits and delicacies.

Which baking pun makes you giggle?
Manon: “Huuum Hummm so good” I say that, all the time.

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