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Bongosan’s Drum Circle – Drumming Workshops | UK

Bristol-based percussionist Tony (aka Bongosan) is a trained music facilitator who runs lively, inclusive drumming workshops for people of all ages and levels of ability. Travelling with a range of instruments from all over the world, he provides the skills and equipment necessary to turn any group into an instant percussion orchestra in minutes. From weddings and birthday parties to corporate events and teambuilding sessions, Bongosan’s drums have been put use in the name of musical expression and raucous fun since 2005. His standard kit allows for groups numbering up to 25 players, but more kit and facilitation staff can be called upon to cater for larger events.

Drumming is an activity which has been used to bring people together throughout human history, and a workshop can be tailored to meet the needs of many different communities. Tony has worked in therapeutic settings, where children and adults with special needs can benefit from the accessible and empowering experience offered by the drum circle; he has also worked in education, delivering structured activities designed to build on pupils’ knowledge of music theory. Sometimes though, celebration is the order of the day – any party can provide the stage for a sudden and memorable explosion of musical exuberance, forever marking the occasion in the minds of those present.

Standard Length of Performance:

The workshops can be timed to the client’s specification.


“The event was a raging success thank you! Anthony was great and very polite.”
- Brainstorm Communications Ltd

Previous Clients Include:

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Photos of Bongosan’s Drum Circle