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The Badge Caricaturists draw your caricature onto paper in full colour in just a couple of minutes. It is then professionally dye-stamped into a glossy 77mm badge, fridge magnet, key ring or handbag mirror, a unique souvenir of any event! All they need from you is a table and a couple of chairs and they can produce up to 40 badges an hour! (40 badges per hour is based on 2 caricaturists and 1 badginator working). No-one else in the UK is doing this, it is totally original and unique and proving very popular!

The Badge Caricaturists can create Badge, Mugs, Key Ring, Hand Mirror & Fridge Magnet caricatures at your event.

The Badge Caricaturists: Videos | Book for your event

Draws caricature onto paper in colour in just minutes

Can produce up to 40 badges an hour!

Totally original, unique and very popular

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Book The Badge Caricaturists

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    Paul - Caricaturist | UK
  • Sonya - Caricaturist & Digital Caricaturist | UK
  • Steve - Caricaturist | UK

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