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Events Graphic Facilitator – Spain

Anthony is an events graphics facilitator. Graphic Facilitation also known as Graphic Recording or Mind-mapping or Scribing is the art of live visual interpretation during a conference, presentation, seminar, meeting, congress etc.

By visually representing main topics and key phrases simultaneously with the mediator during the conference, the artíst’s aim is to help the audience understand and memorize the information and hopefully spark their imagination.

The overall result is fun and inspiring, creating a more dynamic approach to the whole event.

Anthony who previously worked as a copywriter in a London advertising agency, is now a professional illustrator and cartoonist with over 20 years experience illustrating for international newspapers, magazines and books.

He also regularly draws on live TV for programmes dealing with current affairs. He’s often hired to draw graphic facilitation at events all over Europe, also the USA and the Middle East. He adopts a lateral way of thinking to transform the most complex ideas into simple, bold and memorable graphic images using coloured markers on large flip charts, white boards and also digitally on i-Pad with the images projected live onto large screens. Anthony is English based in Barcelona and speaks fluent Spanish and Catalan. Member of the International Forum of Visual Practitioners.

Available to perform: Spain

Events Graphic Facilitator Anthony : Book for your event

Fun and Inspiring

Adds a dynamic approach to event

Sparks the audience’s imagination

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Book Anthony – Events Graphic Facilitator, Spain

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