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Amazing Racing – Digital Scalextric Track | UK

Amazing Racing is based on the legendary 24 Hours Le Mans race, and is great for corporate entertainment. They use one of the most technically advanced slot car systems in the world, combined with beautiful imitations of the cars from the contest in the 80s and 90s to recreate the thrills and spills of the oldest active race. This scalextrics track is the best in the UK and will get guests revved up at any corporate event.

With their system all the competitors have full control as to when to refuel and how much fuel to add. This affects the speed and acceleration of the cars and ultimately means that a balance of skill and strategy is required to beat friends and colleagues. They aim to satisfy all of our clients’ needs and the racing format is entirely up to you.

Amazing Racing is the best in the UK for the following reasons:

- Up to 14 people/teams racing at the same time like no other system on the market.
- Wireless controllers so the competitors have total freedom to walk anywhere around the track.
- Optional fuel strategy in which cars have to refuel like in real racing and the fuel weight has a direct effect on the car speed and acceleration (which adds an element of strategy).
- The track is huge and contains four lanes.
- Easy lane changing with the simple press of a button.
- Pit lane speed limiter like in real racing.
- The cars and the circuit look beautiful and authentic with scaled buildings, crowd stands, busy pit lane and trees. The LeMans type endurance cars are Porsche, Audi, Jaguar, Nissan, Mazda, Lancia, Lola, etc.
- Flexibility in race formats. Can be a very short 20 lap race or something serious like 100 laps or a 24 minute LeMans endurance race.
- The circuit is 18 meters long and can be ready within 2 hours of arrival.

Their slot car system can be a casual side attraction where guests race at their own leisure or a serious motor racing competition with fuel strategy. The fuel strategy element can also be turned off (only advisable if hired as a casual side attraction or for children’s parties). Races can be lap based from 10 lap races to 200 lap races. Or you might prefer endurance races which can be from 24-minute race endurance to an amazing 24 hour race endurance!

Whatever you choose Amazing Racing will always provide a fun and enjoyable small scale amazing race.


- The trigger on the controller controls your speed.
- Press and hold the arrow button on your controller to change lanes.
- Fuel strategy races are optional.
- Fuel weight affects your speed.
- If your car runs out of fuel, it will be slow and won’t count laps until you refuel.

You control the speed of your car by pulling on the spring loaded trigger on your wireless controller. The further you squeeze the trigger, the faster the car travels. The skill is to make your car drive as fast as possible without crashing (losing contact with the metallic rails on the circuit).

Just like in real racing, the faster you travel in a bend, the more likely you will crash. The thrill and skill of finding the highest speed at which your car will remain on different sections of the track without crashing provides excellent hand-eye coordination training.

Usually there will be one final race. The leader or winning team in the championship has 1st choice of car to race and will start in pole position. The following player or team in 2nd place in the championship will have 2nd choice of car to race with and will start 2nd on the grid and so forth.

The final race is often based on the classic “24 Hour Du Mans Race” which is an endurance race lasting 24 minutes with the winning car being the car having made the most laps.
Usually only the top 8 racers of each race will receive points. The point system can be changed for your event if you wish.

Photos of Amazing Race