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Booking Allah-Las will cause a storm at your special event! We are a booking agent for Allah-Las, and can arrange for them to perform for your guests. Allah-Las are part of a popular new breed of psychedelic-mod-rock music coming out of the UK and the USA, patching a musical bridge between the two. Formed in a basement in LA, their music is bred from the Californian sounds of the 60’s, with a definite British influence – think Mick Jagger meets Arthur Lee. They recently released their debut self-titled album in late 2012, to much critical acclaim.

Allah-Las met whilst working at the biggest of all the L.A. Record stores, but they became a band in an even more rare and special space — a California basement, dug out somewhere between the mountains and the beach. They began gigging shortly after their conception, in and around Los Angeles in the later part of 2008.

It wasn’t until three years later that they would find the proper environment to record their first single, “Long Journey”, which now bookends their self-titled release. These were the kind of songs that bounced between London and Los Angeles, the kind of thing that could have come from Mick Jagger or Arthur Lee or both at once, with crystalline guitar and slow-mo drums that recalled the way the waves take big bites of the beach at night. This was mystery music from the strange and ancient-modern California fringe, more Night Tide than Easy Rider. Allah-Las were a reflection of a reflection, an echo of an echo, a band that was psychedelic not because of reverb or shredding through pedals but for the simple way their songs seem to extend to infinity.

As a booking agent for Allah-Las we can organise for them to perform at your event. To hire Allah-Las call Contraband Events as we can make it happen. We are booking agents for a huge selection of famous musicians to hire, and we can recommend the best artists for your entertainment. Allah-Las can be booked to play at your private or corporate event through Contraband International. Make us your preferred booking agent.

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