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Current Affairs Speakers

Book / Hire Famous Current Affairs Speakers

If you want someone for your event with their finger on the pulse – hire a Current Affairs speaker! We have a number of exceptional Current Affairs Speakers available to book, who will surely impress your guests with their news savvy and informed perspective on today’s news. We have current affairs speakers with brilliant knowledge of controversial topics and current day issues, they will prove to be engaging entertainment for any corporate event, private party or wedding. For the perfect current affairs entertainment take a look at our roster of captivating current affairs speakers; from John Sergeant (former BBC Chief Political Correspondent) to Daisy McAndrew (famous journalist and researcher to the House of Commons).

All our current affairs speakers are reliable professionals that can provide some intelligent entertainment for your occasion. As a Entertainment booking agency, you can hire a current affairs speaker through Contraband Events – just give us a call and we will be delighted to discuss a current affairs speaker booking with you!