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We have the best Geordie Shore stars to hire, including cast members such as Gary Beadle, Jay Gardner and Ricci Guarnaccio. Available to hire for corporate events, team building & private parties – find out more about hiring a Geordie Shore star…

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Imagine booking Geordie Shore’s Jay Gardner to sing at your event!

Hire / Book a Geordie Shore Star

As a top Geordie Shore star booking agent we have some of the best Geordie Shore stars in the business on hand to hire for your special event or as corporate entertainment, whether it’s booking their reality star presence for an appearance at a club, or putting their other talents to use fronting a PR event or campaign, these Geordie Shore stars know how to get a party started.

Geordie Shore Stars on our Roster
You can add a dose of Geordie spirit to your event if you hire a Geordie Shore star! We have a number of Geordie Shore stars available to book who are sure to get your guests enthusiastic and engaged. These Geordie Shore stars are some of the best at creating a lively and dynamic atmosphere and they will prove to be great entertainment for any corporate event, promotional campaign or club night. Some of the Geordie Shore stars on our roster include:

  • Gary Beadle: This fan favourite has been a regular cast member on the show since it’s start, even outside of the show he has found success with his own clothing line; 11 Degrees. He has also been on ‘Ex on the Beach’.
  • Jay Gardner: Another popular cast member, since leaving the show this fitness fanatic has been MMA training, hoping to compete. He has also launched his own best-selling tanning range, named Jay Tan.
  • Ricci Guannaccio: An avid gym-goer, since leaving the show he has had a number of appearances on television, including Celebrity Big Brother and Ex on the Beach. More recently he has been the co-host of the Australian show ‘Ultimate Worldie’.

Geordie Shore Facts and Figures
The controversial guilty pleasure Geordie Shore has built up a fan base of viewers who love to watch the cast members antics both in the house and when they hit the town. It’s popularity has given them 15 seasons so far with its sixteenth due to air in 2018. To keep the show running smoothly there are many rules to being a cast member, including:

  • The cast members don’t have their bank cards so have to ask the show-runners if they want anything, including food.
  • The Geordie Shore stars aren’t allowed to physically fight anyone or break something on the show, if they do they will get fined.
  • If any of the cast do a job on the show it is unpaid.

Booking a Geordie Shore Star
Please bear with us while we update this page with our full roster. All our Geordie Shore cast members are great professionals that can provide some brilliant entertainment for your occasion. As a top booking agency for Geordie Shore stars we can ensure you have the perfect one for your event, even if you do not see your preferred Geordie Shore star above we still have a little black book of representatives do into to help you out! Just get in touch and we will be delighted to help you book a Geordie Shore star for an event to remember.

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