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Christmas corporate entertainment can be difficult to plan. It’s not easy to find one activity or type of celebration that pleases everyone. But this year is going to be different if you get in touch with Contraband Events. This is one company that knows how to entertain, and they are ready and willing to show you some exciting options for a Christmas celebration that your employees and clients won’t soon forget.

Forget about sitting on Old Saint Nick’s knee and having boring carollers sing uninteresting versions of the songs you hear every year. Instead, Contraband Events can work with you to hire a variety of entertaining acts and have themes that will wow your corporate audience. Here are some of the Christmas corporate entertainment possibilities that are available:

  • Slam dunkers: an acrobatic basketball show that will thrill and amaze
  • Shadow theatre: a theatre performance entirely with shadows behind a curtain; one popular show is Aladdin
  • Floating Jellyfish: an incredible aerial act
  • Topaz: a string trio and quartet
  • Matt B: a walkabout interactive magician
  • The Laser Harp: a show for the eye and the ears
  • Boutique Fairground games: transport your staff back in time to an old world carnival with a wide range of entertainment and fun
  • The Beauty Boutique: an interactive make-over experience
  • The Diamond Boys: a four piece acoustic band
  • The character from Saw (Jigsaw): a Walkabout act
  •  Flight Simulator: imagine the possibilities
  • The Rise: a vocal-guitar duo
  • The Duke: beatboxing band
  • The Mirror Man: statue and walkabout character
  • Susana: a sand artist

As you can see, Christmas corporate entertainment does not have to be complicated, and it really can be unique. You can set up your corporate event with a few acts or a combination of the acts with the help of the expert events planners at Contraband Events. These experienced professionals know that you are ready to have a different event this year, and they know that you want your employees to have a good time and experience something different.

Most Christmas corporate entertainment choices are not very exciting, and that is where Contraband Events really shines. We know that you want to change the run of the mill boring experience of the past with something that is new and innovative. Sure, you could plan something that is ordinary or safe, but that would not be very memorable. Most people want to experience an event that leaves them feeling grateful that they chose to work for such a fantastic and imaginative employer.

If you have been left in charge of planning the company Christmas party, it is best to choose options that are going to be new and exciting for everyone who will attending the party. The best part of planning an event with Contraband Events is that you can work with an event coordinator who knows what the options are and then have the entire event laid out in advance. Planning the details with an event coordinator will ensure that everything goes smoothly and nothing is left out when the date of your corporate Christmas party arrives.