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Let’s make a toast to Contraband!!

It is all about artists , shows, events… it is all about the performing arts!
It is all about friendship, sharing happy memories, co-operation… it is all about team work!
It is all about knowledge, unforgettable moments, mind-blowing experiences… it is all about our clients!
It is all about dance ,circus, acrobatics… it is all about entertainment!

Yesterday was an extremely important date for the company as we celebrated both Archi’s birthday and Contraband’s 10th anniversary. Huge HAPPY BIRTHDAY! We hope to be here to see more wonderful years to come. And write some more bright lines on the company’s story…

We are proud to have achieved all we are now! Starting off as an import/export company when Archie returned from India slowly started gaining form as she thought of building a business. And no, it wasn’t just in a blink of an eye and poof, there it was. It took a lot more! A lot more experiences, a lot more work, a lot more people… As a henna artist at the time,Archie actually found herself providing other artists to work for her clients! Oh “do you know of a… for a… you could recommend”, they would ask. “Actually, I do”, she thought! And… why not?

Starting off as a “one-man show” Contraband was initially based in a flat in North London but it naturally grew at an incredible speed. Thanks toArchie’s talent on… basically everything!
Today we are proud to provide over 2300 acts from our books to all kinds of events worldwide, have a beautiful and bright open space office (still in north London – keeping it traditional!) and even be expanding to the MiddleEast very very soon…

So yesterday everyone brought some nice nibbles for lunch and we shared a celebratory meal while also enjoying The Dixie Dancers (watch them here) and Zoo cheerleaders(watch them here) who joined us with joyful acts in the office.
For this and a lot more reasons, I must finish this blog by repeating the line with which I started it: let’s make a toast to Contraband!!