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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of entertainment.

I was always interested in performance, but I discovered dance and circus whilst travelling in Australia when I was in my late teens. That’s how I started out in the entertainment and performing industry.

Official or otherwise! I studied a Performing Arts BTEC which gave me a fantastic broad base of experience both on stage and behind the scenes, and then went on to study a Dance Performance BA at Middlesex University. In addition I have studied one-to-one with numerous artists to gain a range of circus skills.
What I love about the performing industry is the constant creativity of being in the events industry, the choreographic challenges, coming up with new acts, costumes and styling ideas, and also finding creative ways to run the company more effectively to keep everyone (clients, agents and artists) happy!
I would tell somebody who wants to get into my line of work that being in the performing arts is as much about presenting yourself in a professional manner as it is about having high skill levels. A little business training goes a very long way.
We have done so many amazing events with Contraband, it’s hard to choose the best one. Performing at Old Trafford Stadium to over 75,000 spectators was definitely a bit of a highlight though!
I find inspiration in all sorts of places. I love working on complex choreographic problems in order to create new repertoire which can accommodate some of the more challenging aspects of working in the variable conditions we come across at events. I’m a bit of a dance nerd!
I love the Gandinis, because they are not only talented and skilled in epic proportions, but also some of the nicest and most interesting people you could meet.
I work behind the scenes only these days, which works well with raising a young family. Our artists get to travel the world working at amazing events in all sorts of environments, which from what I gather works very well for them!
I am always on the lookout for better software to run events companies, it’s a complex task and anything that can simplify it is always a huge help. That’s what I would change in the events industry.
Divine Company has some new acts in the pipeline, noting we can talk about just yet though…

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