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When looking to carry out a promotional event there are many avenues in which you can take. Do you want a celebration of your brand or are you trying to promote a new service/ product? Will the events be a one-of promotion or just one of various events happening national wide? Depending on what you want to promote, there are a wide number of options available to you!

Not got a lot of time but want to make a big impact? Then flash mobs might be the answer to your concerns. Flash mobs are great if you want to get your message or brand into a public space without taking up a lot of physical space. Ranging from as little as 10 members, a group of seemingly ordinary people can suddenly burst into song or a dance routine. Many flash mobs have a wide amount of styles or variations which you can pick and choose from in order to get across your message.
Looking for a flash mob that the public really won’t be expecting? Usually known for being a dance only thing, a football freestyle football flash mob will be sure to draw the crowd’s attention. Depending on the booking agency that you go through you can have access to between 10-100 football free stylers can be coordinated and choreographed to produce a 5-10 minute freestyle football flash mob.

The best thing about a flash mob in any form is that you can customise their act to your specific requirements, whether it be by choosing a particular costume (if your logo is red why not get everyone dressed in different shades of said colour?) or by asking them to sing or perform to a song that really captures your brand or product?

Most professional flash mobs will work via booking agencies, so be sure to contact them far in advance to make sure that you get a final ‘product’ that will not only fit alongside a product launch but also give the mob a chance to full perfect their performances. Take into consideration the amount of space you will have available and the best way to use said space to the best advantage. For example, maybe you want your flash mob to perform in a shopping center? Why not split the act over two or more levels to increase impact and the reach of your message whilst at the same time taking advantage of the acoustics of the location?

Keep in mind that your typical length of a flash mob performances is only around 5 minutes, so make sure that your message, if you choose to employ this method of promotion, can be easily conveyed within this time limit? Maybe have various performance throughout the day, to increase the reach of your message. Alternatively, combine flash-mobs with handing out promotional items that will help cement your message in the minds of the audience who see it, encouraging them to pass on the message by word of mouth!