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Being a performer could not possibly be a part-time or a seasonal job. Not even a simple straight forward “full-time” job. I don’t even know why people use the word, “job” in the same sentence they use “performer”. It is definitely more than a job.

But being a performer could not possibly be a free time activity either to be enjoyed once in a while. It is not just a hobby and could never be seen as one either.

So… if performance is not a profession nor a pastime, what could it be? Well, I have never been a mother but I have been a performer and I believe that some similarities can be found between both “life statues”, let’s say.
Once one decides he wants to become a performer and commit with all it takes, he is embracing a whole new life path. And no other career, goal, sensation or activity can be compared to it. This chosen route will consume each and every day of one’s life… in a very positive way of course! A performer shall be inspired and fulfilled by his own and others artistic creations throughout his entire life.

By now you are probably thinking about that one performer you once met. Being him/her, a singer, a dancer, an actor, a circus artist, a street entertainer… what about them?

Who knows… You’re the one, you’ve met them, not me! But if you could never quite get what was going on in their lives or thoughts, I can only invite you to keep travelling with me to their wonderland!

Performers are those who work when “normal people” are on holiday and those who take some time off when no one else will. Think about that last particularly relaxing evening when you and your partner went to see the most recent Westend musical production… or when you and your best friends were staying at that theme park resort. Who was that girl having fun on stage? Or the other guy who seemed to be looking straight into your eyes under that Venetian Mask? Well, right, there you go. They were performers! They were working but they were also having fun because they do what they have dreamed of doing for ages. And of course, they were working while you were enjoying yourself. How come they have such a different perspective over life? There’s your answer!

But people are still people. And even if they rise and shine as stars under unique costumes everyday instead of sitting in front of a computer for 8 hours, they are still made out of the same matter. Underneath all props and spotlights, they have skin, brains, lungs and hearts. They have come from somewhere and have sure done something to achieve their bright spot.

“To be the best, one must be able to handle the worst.” Sound familiar? Well, a performer has lived with it for his entire life. These people you find out there, practice their shows every day and work hard to get somewhere to perform for you. They have got the energy to run under the cold rain at 6 am; they have the energy to eat only healthy food with maybe one stress-free day per week, which they will be making up for on the next day’s exercise plan anyway; they have got the energy to undertake countless casting calls and keep looking for more even if they didn’t get their dream role; they have the energy to be themselves in their purest form; but also have the energy to embody any character required; and, above all, they have got the energy to share their feelings with the world.