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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of entertainment.

I started out in the entertainment and performing industry because I was a competitive Australian gymnast for 10 years, so it was a natural transition for me. I’ve always loved entertaining and had a natural flair for it. Even whilst competing, my shows would be very entertaining and uplifting for the audience!

To get into my line of work I had to have a top level of gymnastics followed by Circus training. The training for aerial was what really rocked my boat; it’s a great feeling to be physically capable of difficult tricks and routines up in the air which are completely synchronised with other performers.
What I love about working in the events industry is making new ideas come to life. Turning a client’s vision into a big spectacle is a real buzz. I also have an amazing team whom I trust to do a brilliant job every time. We have a right laugh and enjoy our lifestyle of travelling to different venues and different countries. I also really like the choreography of aerial routines and turning them into synchronised routines with multiple performers. I love cleaning and fine tuning routines!
If I had to give some advice to somebody who wants to get into my line of work, I would say just start your training. If you get addicted to it, have a natural flair for it and naturally want to keep training 24/7 then you’re in the right place and doing the right things to start off in the industry.
I can’t choose the best event I worked for Contraband; that’s a toughie as we’ve been working with you guys for so long… I think it has to be the shadow show for UAFA or the one for Hitachi. Or even the cirque show for Costa where we threw loads of performers at it including cyr wheel, aerialists, rhythmic gymnasts, ballerinas etc etc. Was a lot of fun bringing it altogether into one show. Oh I know, I think it was the one for Nicky in Paris for Chloe – the show, the people, the designer, the type of classy event was second to none.
Sometimes you get your inspiration from your clients and creating exactly what they want. We know what can be achieved physically so it’s a case of brainstorming and throwing different ideas together to compliment the physicality and putting on the best show.
love Stickelback Plasticus. Peewee and Emma were one of my faves, such presence and very, very funny. Also Royal Deluxe from France with their big elephant and large doll puppets that walk the streets across the world. What a concept!
It’s a lifestyle; your friends are also people in the industry so you get to hang out with them quite a lot. I don’t try to fit other work in, this keeps me busy enough! We usually work a lot of weekends so you don’t get to have a great, normal social life outside of work as you’re not always available. But work tends to be a great social event anyway so not a great loss there!
If I could change one thing about the event industry, it would be the driving. All performers should be given eco-friendly helicopters to escort them to and from gigs. Or private jets where necessary…

My plans for the future are becoming bigger and better…