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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of professional entertainment                                            
Tropicalia Latin Brazilian Show is a Multi Award Winning vibrant London based established company wholly run by professional artists with International experience. We are the only Latin Brazilian Ensemble in the UKto have won 3 LUKAS – The First and only recognized Award by public vote for Latino Culture in the UK.
“Since 2003 Tropicalia has provided the Best and Most unique Latin BrazilianShow Entertainment including live music,singing and dancewith up to 20 or more Musicians,Dancers and performers available.”
vast experience as we have been working in the entertainment industry for at least 15 or more years internationally. We wanted to create a fresh and innovative performance and blow some new life into the traditional entertainment scene.
We believed that our different artistic experiences could produce something with the potential of breaking the Latin/Brazilian entertainment market and so far so good.”
All of our musicians and dancers are qualified and professionally trained. We are a full time working Show band pretty much involved in any aspect of our profession: touring, session and recording studio, musicians ,dancers and workshop classes, touring Productions etc.
Our favourite thing about performing in the events industry is the Creativity! Producing your own show gives you the power to choose your songs, make your musical arrangements, create choreography and design costumes. You can drive the creativity and talent of the people working with you onto your project creating positive energy which will be reflected on stage.
“The appreciation for your performance by the audience that’s the best feeling an artist can have ever.”
Some advice for somebody who wants to get into your line of work is just to be focused on the project and creer and believe in what you are able to do and create.
“Be aware of how the industry develops and which direction it moves to. That is a source to pick up ideas from.”
Being working with Contraband for 10 years it is almost impossible to recall all the events we have performed at.
“However, if we have to pick one, we would say the Starbucks Event at the Barbican and Brewery.”
Receiving applause and compliments by members of the audience is always very rewarding because it means that you have delivered a good job and this is pretty much what our profession is all about. Worst experience? To be treated with no respect for our profession. Fortunately that doesn’t happen very often.
“I am sure a lot of artists would agree with me having experienced situation where you have been offered 3 sandwiches and some crisps over 8 hours working day or being offered a toilette as a changing room.”
As we are a themed act we are pretty much focused on new music and dance coming from Brazil and Latin America in general. Then we try to create a mixed production Show with artistic trendy element from Europe and America. 
It’s impossible to mention all the other entertainers we admire the most!  Any way, we really admire the old school artists, those who even after decades are still there going strong and have created a trademark in the industry.
Working in the entertainment industry is definitely different from an 8 to 5 job in general, particularly when it comes to planning things in your life. You never know what will happen next day, week or month.
“A bit crazy life but still very exciting!”
This unpredictability does affect your family and social life though and as everything else in life it will end up to make a compromise where you can give and take according to your work commitments.
Although the Musician’s Union is doing its best to regulate and control the industry wage for artists of any field (particularly West End, Teachers and Opera Ballet) still out there is a jungle and most of the time rules are ignored, partially or not applied at all, especially when it comes down to corporate.
“It would be a benefit for everybody to create a minimum, decent wage/rider for artists performing at corporate, Clubs, Pubs, LIVE music venues etc.”

At present the market doesn’t have such regulation which, from our point of view, is wrong.

We currently are working on a new show for the 2014 featuring new choreography and costumes The band is also expanding the repertoire with new songs re-arranged with a Brazilian and/or Latin twist.