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Our Artist Spotlight blogs is a feature where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of entertainment.

Before the group High Rollaz was formed, we started skating as a way to connect with friends. Eventually, we formed the group and started looking for different audience and places to perform. It all happened naturally!

o be a good roller skater you need to quickly lose the fear of falling over and challenge yourself mentally and physically.

“The challenge is to build new and exciting routines that will keep the fans coming back to see us!”

One of our favourite things about working in the event industry is that we get to perform around the world. We have performed in some incredible venues and countries such as China, South Africa, Dubai and Abu Dhabi to just name a few- it’s been an amazing opportunity.

There are so many talented skaters that can inspire you and offer you words of advice at these events. You will be surprised at how much you can learn in a few hours each weekend.

“If you want to get into our line of work, we would say pick up some skates and head to your local roller disco!”

The most fun we have had at an event was at the ASOS Christmas Party, arranged with Contraband. It was a completely packed out event at the Ministry of Sound, with good DJs, great acts and we were given real opportunity to mingle and perform amongst the crowds.

“We like to have fun when we work and Contraband knows how to throw a good party.”

We all have our own signature moves and have our own ideas for new routines. Kay has a number of signature moves to provide a few examples. If you were to see him at a roller disco, you would probably see him do what he calls the “Yoshimitsu Spin”. The Yoshimitsu is a really fast spin and he goes really low to the ground. He named the move after a character from a PlayStation game.

We admire any entertainers that are in the industry to follow their dreams and do something different to what’s already on the market. They are the talent that make an event something special!