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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers, giving you the chance to find out more about the people behind the performances, and offering an insight into the world of corporate entertainment
I studied theatre at university, but found my way to circus after performing in one too many very serious plays.  I wanted to perform in a way that uplifted people and was accessible to everyone
After training in theatre, my ‘official’ training ended… all my circus and physical theatre training has been through workshops, short courses and by diving in the deep end… I had some very formative influence in my performance style from clowning workshops with Angela DeCastro, as well as being inspired as an acrobatic base by training with Rudi Minieur (who is now part of Cira).
“I am lucky to have had the chance to learn from many different incredible people.”
I love that this work gives me the chance to be part of people’s special moments… to see people at their best.  Be it a work event where people are getting the chance to build deeper friendships with their colleagues or a family event where I see people building precious memories with their children…
“generally people are smiling and laughing more than usual when I go to work…
 and that’s how I like It”.
If I had to give advice to somebody who wants to get into my line of work, I would say: enjoy it – you have to work hard to get there, but what makes someone good to watch is largely the pleasure they have in being there, so enjoy.All events for Contraband have been great.

My best experience working as a performer: travelling all the time
My worst: Travelling all the time

I get my inspiration from a mix of historical research into strong men and strong women of the past and just imagining what might be possible… daydreaming, experimenting and inventing.
The entertainers I admire the most :
Azaria Universe – for being a powerful and interesting female performer
Cirque no Problem – for their approach to the world which is full of love and enthusiasm
Mario, Queen of the Circus – because he is hilarious
The Boy with Tape on his Face – also hilarious

The main difference I see in my work/life balance compared to others is that instead of having a community where I live, my community is scattered around the globe…

II would love it if there were more lengthy contracts… mostly contracts in this industry are for a single day, but on the few occasions when I have had the chance to work in the same place, with the same people for a few weeks, it has been magical.
“Those rare glimpses at having a regular routine, the “see you tomorrow’s” and time to really get to know people.  That would be lovely.”
I plan to stay strong and keep performing my strong lady show for a long time to come! I am also about to launch a new duo acrobatic show, called LEAP, where I throw around a male acrobat friend of mine.  It’s very exciting…
“beyond that my main plan is to keep smiling”
The world of the strong lady is filled with dazzling contrasts of muscle and grace, beauty and brute strength, lifting the hearts of the audience and… lifting the audience!  Betty is a genuine strong Lady presenting an exhilarating array of feats of strength.
Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)
“Spectacular and very special… People are going to be talking about this non-stop!”
Jo Whiley, BBC TV (UK)