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Around The World


Listen to the sounds of Africa with our African tribal drummers, watch with your breath held at the marvels of our African acrobats. Our African themed entertainment includes beautiful body paintings, snake dancers, tribe drummers and our endearing gorillas.

Arabian Nights

Having an Arabian Nights themed event? Why not check out some of our Arabian Nights themed entertainer ideas to spice up your event. Our marbling artist is a perfect choice for an Arabian themed evening along with our belly dancers, fire performers and shisha pipes.


If you are organising an Australia themed event, we have some great options for Australian themed entertainment. Check out this Australian themed entertainment for some excellent entertainers.

Bollywood & Indian

Our Bollywood themed entertainment package includes authentic Indian Marquees imported from Rajasthan, dancing in traditional style from Bollywood to Kathak to Banghra.


If you’re having a British themed event then look no further! With our Royal footmen, Cockney tourists, Fashion Police, Queen Elizabeth, Victoria Beckham, Ali G, and our Mary Whitehouse Experience we have the best of British entertainment for your event.


Celebrate Canada with our Canadian themed entertainment package. Our LED & UV performers, fire performer, ribbon dancers and Candy Canes will bring a Canadian feel to your event. Our Canadian themed event dressing will also provide a fantastic back drop for any event.


If you’re having a Caribbean themed event then look no further. With our talented Caribbean musicians and dancers, and our talented stiltwalkers, human statues,and balloon modellers in colourful costumes, your guests will enjoy an unforgettable event!


Our Carnival Themed entertainment package will bring the colour and vibrancy of Rio, the Caribbean and Notting Hill to your event. With stunning carnival costumed characters. Brazilian and Latin musicians will be colourful and full of energy!


If you’re having a French themed event, then our french themed entertainment will certainly bring that Va Va Voom! From French mime artists, wine tasting and accordion players to beautiful ballet dancers and can can dancers we have everything you need to bring a French vibe into your event.

Grecian Entertainment

We have a large selection of Grecian entertainers for the perfect Roman themed event! If you want Grecian themed corporate entertainment then we have Grecian human statues, acrobalance performers and more. These are all great for events such as weddings, corporate events and festivals.

Hollywood & The Oscars

Having a Hollywood themed event? Our Hollywood themed entertainers will whisk you away to the flashing lights of stardom. Hollywood themed entertainers include paparazzi photographers, icon artists, film star lookalikes such as Marilyn Monroe, Sean Connery, Angelina Jolie and Daniel Craig.

Las Vegas

Welcome to the world of glittering glamour and high rollers. Our themed entertainment includes every form of casino table from Texas Holdem Poker to roulette wheels, dice, Wheel of Fortune and Black Jack.

Oriental Delights

Having a Japanese or Chinese themed event? Why not check out some of our Japanese or Chinese themed entertainment ideas to spice up your event. We have many graceful oriental performers.

Polynesian & Hawaiian

Welcome to paradise - Hula Hula dancers, Polynesian dancers and drummers, Hawaiian stilt walkers and stunning sand sculpture creations. Our Polynesian and Hawaiian dancers will have your guests transfixed.


From Russia with Love. Our Russian themed entertainment package is great and includes Cossack dancers, our incredible Russian roulette magician Kockvo, fantastic ice vodka flumes and Russian Workers.

Scottish Themed Entertainment

If you are having a Scottish themed event or would like Scottish corporate entertainment at your corporate event or private party then this Scottish themed package will give you inspiration! We have lots of Scottish themed entertainment that will work perfectly at these types of events.

Spanish & Latin American

Viva Espaòa! Our Spanish themed entertainment package includes Flamenco dancers, Spanish themed stiltwalkers and Spanish human statues. For the music side of your Spanish and Latin entertainment we offer classical Spanish Gypsy King Style bands and even Mexican musicians.

United States of America USA

If you’re having a USA themed event, our entertainers will bring that feeling of the Big Apple to your party – Statue of Liberty Human Statues, nail artists, break dancers, performance artists creating live cityscapes and of course the sounds of New York, New York from our world class jazz and swing musicians.

Venetian Masked Carnival

Welcome to our Venetian themed event and Masquerade Ball, (Bal Masque) and Spirit of the Carnival. Dating back to the 15th Century this Italian Renaissance event is a truly magical Venetian themed event.

Wild West

Relive the 'Wild West' with our rodeo bulls, Wild West stiltwakers, fantastic cowgirl dancers, the lively country band The Brockovich, period can can dancers, line dancers, our themed photo studio and of course Texas Holdem Poker and casino tables.

If you’re looking to have a specific country themed event, then look no further! With our themed packages from around the world, with themes based on Africa, Australia, Arabian Nights, Bollywood and Indian, British, Canada, Arabian Nights, Caribbean, France, Hollywood & The Oscars, Las Vegas, Oriental Delights we have the best of themed corporate entertainment from around the world for your event.