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Miscellaneous Themes


If you are looking for corporate entertainment with an aviation theme then you have come to the right place. We have aeroplane themed acts and lots of other aviation type acts that are perfect for corporate events, private parties and festivals.

Bars & Pubs

Are you having putting on a beer or alcohol themed event? Such as a beer fest or a wine tasting event? If so, we have some fantastic drink themed entertainment for you! We even have a bucking beer can!

Branded Acts

If you would like your corporate event or product launch to have some branded entertainment acts that incorporate your business logo then we have lots of corporate entertainers that can do this.

Cirque du Soleil

If you’re having a Cirque du Soleil event then our performers will provide all the colour, excitement and drama you are looking for. We have a gravity defying aerial cube act, our world class hula hoopers, fire performers and our breathe taking trapeze artists.

Extreme Entertainment

Taking entertainment to it's limits! Hold on tight! These acts are perfect for corporate events where you want to make a big impact. They are also great for extreme sports events. These corporate entertainers have been wowing audiences all over the world and are available to book for your event.


Our performers have some amazing costumes, especially great for fashion events. We have a good selection of different fashion corporate entertainers that would work perfectly for your fashion themed event.


Themed fire entertainment includes fire acrobalance, fire acrobatics, fire eating, fire breathing, body burning, fire poi, fire staff, angle grinders, fire dancers, fire hula hoopers and snake dancers with fire. For that totally scorching event!

Food & Drink Entertainment

Our food entertainment ideas for your parties, corporate events, weddings and PR campaigns. We have walkabout food entertainers, food stalls and aerial bar tenders!

French Cabaret Entertainment

If you are looking for a package with glamour, exotic costumes, and amazing dancers, look no further! This package has everything you need for a spectacular and glitzy event. The package is based on French Cabaret Entertainment and has some truly great can can dancers, fire performers, pole dancers and stilt-walkers.

Gay Pride

If you are holding an event for the Gay Pride parade or celebrating Gay Pride at a corporate event or private party then we have a selection of corporate entertainers that would fit this theme. We have drag queens, Elton John impersonators and lots of boylesque dancers.

Guinness World Record Holders

If you would like to have a Guinness World Record Holder at your event, you can see them all here! They will stun your guests with their talent!

Heaven & Hell

Are you in Heaven or Hell? Our heaven and hell entertainers include grim reapers, a Headless Waiter, Zombies, Devils all straight from Hell. Our heavenly characters include cherubs, beautiful angels, and angelic human statues.

Hospital & Medical

If you are looking for something as unique and uncommon as Hospital & Medical themed entertainment, we have it covered. Choose from a range of categories like medical themed arcade games, spa experiences, eye photography, comedy act based in the dentist's chair and other such novelties.


Our ice themed event includes ice blue LED performers, Jack Frost jugglers and human statues, ice queens, ice dancers, acrobalance acts, aerial artists, Russian stilt walkers, stunning ice promotional ladies, ice sculptures, ice bars and arcade games including Ski Blizzard and Alpine Surfer.

Light & LED

If you planning an event with a light theme, or you are looking for a bright and exciting act that incorporates lights, then this is the package for you! Take a look at all our light and LED performers. We also have the fantastic Lighted Living Tables.

Paint & Art

If you’re having an arts or paint inspired party our themed entertainment packages will add a splash of colour and drama to your event. Our interactive graffiti wall is brand new to the events business, or watch enthralled by our pavement artists.

Round Stage Entertainment

Round Stage Entertainment is becoming very popular because it gives the audience a 360 degree view and also allows more guests to have a better view of the act. These corporate entertainers are perfect for round stages and will all be able to perform corporate entertainment on this stage.


One small step for man, one giant leap for contraband! That’s right we have it all when it comes to the wonderful world of science. If you’re thinking about a science themed party then you will be amazed at the fascinating acts we have to offer. Go on a mission with our space team or gaze at the stars while dancing with our robots!

Seven Deadly Sins

If your corporate event or private party is rocking the theme of the seven deadly sins, we have some great ideas for your entertainment. If you are looking for corporate entertainment or performers for a private party, check out our Seven Deadly Sins package on our Pinterest boards to get some ideas and inspiration!


Steampunk is a really great theme for a corporate event or private party. It is unique and different from the more popular party themes. If you want steampunk corporate entertainers and performers this package is designed to help you find the right acts for your steampunk themed event.

Strictly Come Dancing

If you are looking for a package with glamour, exotic costumes, and amazing dancers, look no further! This package has everything you need for a spectacular and glitzy event. The package is based on Strictly Come Dancing and has some truly great ballroom dancers, stiltwalkers and dance lessons.

Studio 54

Our Studio 54 package provides a variety of acts for your private party or corporate event. From stunning burlesque dancers to creative drink ideas and DJs we have everything to recreate a fantastic 70’s disco night experience in the spirit of Studio 54 for you and your guests!

Superheroes, Villains & Fantasy Creatures

If you’re having a superhero, villain or fantasy character themed event then look no further! With our superhero ground and stilt based characters such as Lurch and Jaws, Big Gray our villain fire performer, Pongo, Storm Troopers, and the amazing Flying Buttresses.

Sweets & Candy

If you are holding a sweet or candy themed event, we have tons of great acts that would be perfect for this kind of theme like our candy canes, chocolate lollipops and lighted living tables. These performers have some fantastic costumes and can hand out delicious treats for your guests.

Technological Entertainment

If you are holding a technical conference or corporate event, or would like corporate entertainment with a technology theme then we have a great themed package for all things technological! We can provide robots too which is one of the most popular attractions at technology fairs and events.

The Elements

If you want corporate entertainment with a themed based around The Elements: Water, Fire, Wind, Earth this is filled with ideas. These corporate entertainers will bring the elements to life at your event!

The Only Way is Essex

If you are having a party with The Only Way is Essex as a theme, we have the real characters from the show available to book! Not only that we have other corporate entertainers, promo staff and massage and beauty treatments that will be perfect for your Essex themed corporate event or private function.

The Twelve Days of Christmas

The Twelves Days of Christmas is a lovely theme, and one that we have plenty of ideas for. If you are holding a Christmas party or Christmas corporate event that is centred around the twelves days of Christmas, then we have a huge selection of Christmas corporate entertainers and Christmas acts that will make a big impact at your Christmas event.

Train Your Dragon

Lots of Dragons in here in need of training! So armour up and enter! If you are looking for dragon themed entertainment - we have loads! Dragon Puppets, Dragon walkabout Characters and lots of dragon corporate entertainers. If you need corporate entertainment for a St. George's Day themed event then dragon entertainment is the number one choice!

Urban Entertainment

If you are looking for urban entertainment we have it covered! Choose from street dancers, break dancers, graffiti artists, carollers & choirs, singers, pianists, commercial dancers, DJ's, fluteboxers, beatboxers and free runners.


If you want to shock your guests with an act that they would never expect then here are some great corporate entertainers who go above and beyond to make a big impact at corporate events and private parties. Whether you are looking for corporate entertainment or private entertainment these performers will stun your guests and be the talk of the event!

Winter Wonderland

I’m dreaming of a white Christmas...Our winter wonderland themed entertainment package includes the mystical Satyrs, beautiful snow stilt walkers and our magical acrobalance acts – The Snow Globe and Bubble.

Wizard & Merlin

If you are looking for entertainment that has a wizard or Merlin theme then let us inspire you with these corporate entertainers! We have wizard entertainment and Merlin themed entertainment which can be booked for both corporate events and private parties.


Workshops need not be boring – we can offer a wide range of exciting and unusual workshops which will leave your colleagues feeling inspired, challenged and having bonded as a team.

Wow Factor

Here you will find all the acts that have the WOW factor. These are great acts for corporate entertainment that will make a huge impact on your guests! Each of these corporate entertainers have unique and shocking acts that will be remembered for a long time!

Contraband are a dedicated agency in providing the best high-quality talent all over the world, catering corporate entertainment to all events no matter the themes.

We specialise in Corporate Events and have an impressive portfolio of the best “wow-factor” corporate entertainment. Over the years, we have grown to be a leading events entertainment agency and our clients always receive the best service from beginning to start.
We have an amazing range of acts, we choose only the most talented and charismatic performers who are guaranteed to keep your guests entertained and amazed, from incredible street magicians, circus performers, cabaret dancers to well-renowned comedians, motivational speakers and celebrity hosts!

We know how important corporate events are, not only for you and your business but also for your guests. It’s an enjoying networking opportunity and leaving them with good memories will reflect on your event and planning. Contraband Int can help you every step of the way and ensure everything runs smoothly.
Contact Contraband today to book your Corporate Event Entertainment. Call us at 0845 600 3986.