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Ian – Juggler & Plate Spinner | UK

Ian is not only a Juggler but a Gentleman also, making him a “Gentleman Juggler”. Taking inspiration from the great jugglers of the early 1900s and the legends of silent film and comedy, Ian brings a unique twist to the art of juggling entertainment.

Ian can perform stage shows, street shows and walkabout entertainment in a variety of settings. Having performed in cabaret, aboard cruise ships, at gala dinners and private parties he can adapt his show to (almost) any situation.

His stage shows are full of high skill, low comedy and unique feats and turns. Using everyday objects such as hats, walking sticks, newspaper, crockery, hats and spoons, Ian will perform a variety of Vaudevillian skills to amaze and amuse. This can be done in 2 ways, either as a patter stand up style act or as a silent act to music. Shows can be any length up to 30 minutes.

Ian’s walkabout act is a roaming well dressed man, with many different short shows, routines and tricks all in one bag. You choose what you want to be entertained with from the items on offer then sit back relax and enjoy what unfolds in front of your eyes. The best bit is you don’t even have to move, Ian will bring the show to you! Perfect as an ice breaker at any event, works indoors and outdoors, you can expect lots of skill, fun, audience participation and above all lots of laughter.

Ian will perform unique turns with many different everyday objects. He will demonstrate classic vaudevillian feats of skill, mime, physical comedy and there will be plenty of audience participation, all wrapped up in a dinner suit, bow tie and a smart pair of shoes.

Hats will be juggled, table cloths will be pulled, crockery will be caught, walking sticks will be balanced, spoons will be flipped, nothing and nobody is safe from being used in this show. This silent show is perfect for all ages and situations and can be performed almost anywhere. Originally devised as an outdoor performance “Dressed for Dinner” has now been adapted for indoor performance.

Ian trained at The Circus Space in London and has been performing professionally for 6 years. The highlights so far have been performing his hat routine at the British Juggling Convention public show (2005), The Circus Space Cabaret (2005), at the Chameleon and Krystallpalast Variety in Germany (2003) and also at the Circus Massimo Festival, Sweden (2003).

He has worked with a variety of companies, including Opera North (A Batterd Bride tour 2004), Gandini Juggling (BIG, 10000, The Millennium Dome opening ceremony, various corporate events) and The Generating Company (Gangstars Regional Tour 2002, various corporate events). Ian has also been a successful solo artist as well as performing for companies ranging from Marks and Spencer to Unilever, Henkel to Miss Selfridges.

Acts Available Include:


A skilful mixture of juggling, ball spinning, rola-bola, audience participation, chit chat and a bit of humour, this can be tailor-made for any event, occasion, theme, product or venue.

Hat Manipulation
Bounce Juggling
Ring Juggling
Club Juggling
Ball Spinning
Ball Juggling
Passing (clubs, balls and rings)
Plate spinning (with real plates)
Plate Manipulation

Hat Juggling routine: 6 mins
Plate Spinning routine: 4 mins
Plate Spinning and ball juggling:8 mins

Cabaret/Street: 5-50 mins
Both require a performance space of at least 2.5m square and at least 3 metres from the stage high. This needs to be well lit.


“Ian was FAB! Really entertained the crowds and the kids loved him.”
– Neon Events & Marketing Ltd

“Ian’s hat juggling has charm”
– The Independent

“Ian’s hat routine is a high spot”
– The Sunday Times

Completely barking mad..
– Saga Cruises

”Ian was fantastic, his performance was great and he dealt with the crowd really well.“
– Hall & Woodhouse Ltd

“Feedback from the launch day has been great. The customer comments coming back were very positive and it was a success.”
– Whitewall Marketing Ltd (via Contraband)

“Yes the event went very well thank you and all the performers you supplied were amazing! Just what we were after.”
– Presentation Design Services (via Contraband)

“They were awesome as usual!”
Neon Events & Marketing Ltd (via Contraband)

“…pleased to say all went really well and we got what my Art Director wanted – which is what it’s all about, after all! Ian is a top bloke, though I fear we grossly under-used his obvious talents! What he was very good / diplomatic about was in not betraying any disappointment as Gregg broke plate after plate that Ian had carefully set up. Which is a skill in itself, and we’d all love to work with him again.”
– Immediate Media Co (via Contraband)

Previous Clients Include:

Walsall Illuminations Cabaret Tent
The Roundhouse Cabaret
The Kroon Kat Lounge
The Dirty Diamond Revue
The Red Rat Cabaret, London
British Juggling Convention ‘Cheese and Cracker’
Cafe de Paris
Clappy Hour
Missing Link Cabaret
Chameleon Variete, Newcomers Variete Prize
Circo Massimo, international circus festival
Kyrstal Pallast Variete, Newcomers Showcase
Circus Space Cabaret
Public Show, European Juggling Convention
Hoxton Bark
Clappy Hour
Buskers Night
BOB Juggling Convention
Birmingham University Juggling Convention
Winchester Hat Fair
Circus in a Box
Crawley Circus Festival
Royal Opera, The Batered Bride
Generating Company, Gangstars regional tour
“Itchy Boys” Circus Space Festival
Gandini Juggling Project, “Big”
Quel Cirque arts forum
Blue Peter
“The Anatomists”
Bank of Dubai
“Metroland” documentary
Saga Cruises
Cowes Week
Mall of the Emirates Live, Dubai
London Boat Show
Nortel Conference
Dubai shopping festival
The Davis Cup
Hampton Court Music Festival
Marks and Spencer
Dubai Summer surprises
Miss Selfridges
Bradford and Bingley
Millennium Dome Opening Ceremony
Channel 4
Hilton Internationl
Siver Seas Cruise Ships
The London Paladium
Chameleon Variete
Krystal Pallast Variete
USB Warburg
Banque National du Paris
Buckingham Palace
Hackney Empire
he Lowry Theatre
The Royal Opera Company
Circus Massino, International Circus Festival
Hampton Court
British Airways
Gurnsey Music Festival
Penn Festival
Towersy Folk Festival
Royal Caribean Cruise Lines
National Thetare

Photos of Ian

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