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Didi – Sand Animator | Madrid | Spain


Didi was born in Galicia (Spain) and since her childhood, had shown fascination for drawing and painting. Very soon, her ability to both capture the reality, and to express her feelings and emotions through art became evident. If you would like to amaze the guests at your corporate events, parties, or wedding with Didi’s out of this world Sand Animation, she is available for hire through Contraband.

Her parents, convinced of her talent, promoted her artistic development and  both of them being artisans, taught her various techniques. This had a big influence in her artistic style throughout her life.She started learning to paint and draw from various teachers at the age of ten. During her studies, she won several awards for her exceptional artistic talent. She later studied Fine Arts in Granada and Barcelona which included theater classes, dance and music.
Didi came in contact with sand art or sand animation while staying in Madrid through a Japanese sand artist. Since the art form linked many of the artistic talents of Didi, like theater, music and drawing, she was immediately drawn to it and she is totally at ease with it.  She keeps herself locked in a dark room for hours, where she can see amazing figures emerge from the darkness.
She amazes everyone with her technique, as she brings life to the sand using her fingers. She has done shows all around the world and has earned names like “The Magical Woman” and “Wizard of Sand”.
She now resides in Madrid, where she works in different areas related to art, as an Illustrator, Story boarder, Art Director, Interior Designer, Fashion Designer and as an art teacher.
Previous Clients Include:
Gas Natural
Ronald Mcdonald House Charities
Air Berlin
Euro Master Michelin

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