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Cypress Hill – Famous Hip Hop Group | USA

Cypress Hill

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Cypress Hill is available to book for a variety of corporate events. We work in direct association with their representative as their preferred booking agent. 

Cypress Hill are based in California. They were the first Latin American group to have their albums certified platinum and multi-platinum. They originally called themselves DVX but later changed their name to Cypress Hill after one of their group members Mellow Man Ace left them in 1988.

One of the standout features of the band is their band member B-Real’s nasal vocals which are also very high-pitched. This unique voice is a perfect fit for the band’s lyrics which focus on gangster story parodies. Their music is notable for its intoxicating appeal and has bass-heavy rhythms. They also use odd sample loops like having a horse neigh in a loop in the chorus of the track “Insane in the Brain”. This psychedelia was turned down in their later albums.

In their earlier albums like their album “Black Sunday” the lyrics reflected the hip hop culture of Los Angeles of that time, which not only influenced Latin hip hop but also many other hip hop groups around the world. The group has used Spanish as well as some slang used by the Latinos in LA in their lyrics, throughout their career. One example is their track “Latin Lingo”. Their album “Los Grandes Exitos” is a compilation of Spanish translations of some of their biggest hits.

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