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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers...

With the announcement of Oscar nominations this week, awards season is in full swing. Seamstres...

In a post-truth age when 2+2 increasingly equals 5, reality can be difficult to distinguish fro...

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Walkabout Entertainment

If you want to book walkabout entertainment for your corporate event we have all you need to have your guests roaring with laughter! We have hilarious comedy acts that would be perfect for a comedy themed party or comedy corporate event. Hire Drag queen acts and drag queen cabaret shows through us If you want to hire fortune teller corporate entertainment, call us and we will be very happy to help! Our fantastic still entertainers will bring the glamor into your human statue evening entertainment to your living statue corporate party. We have lookalike evening entertainment and tribute entertainment for longer lookalike events.  Our magic entertainers will shock you with their amazing tricks. Our magician entertainers are from all over the world. We have so many fascinating acts in our magicians and mind readers section.  We offer great mime performers for all types of mime events. Our mime entertainers bring you the most traditional and current mime artists in the events industry. We have loads of paparazzi photographers. Contraband love helping you with your visions. That is why we are the best paparazzi photographers agencyWe have great pickpocket entertainers that always work hard to make any pickpocket performers corporate party is huge success. If you are looking for a Walkabout Projection to Hire for your corporate entertainment, we are a booking agency and have lots of Walkabout Projectionists to hire. Are you planning an amazing robot event? If so we can help! We are helpful and will always be excited about your ideas! We have many robot acts. We can bring robots to any robot corporate event. We have poetry corporate entertainers that will be great for all the family. Contraband’s poetry entertainment is a must for any poetry corporate event. We organise brilliant sports entertainer events. Our sports entertianer section has great tennis acts. For an extra special stiltwalker party Contraband can provide you the best stiltwalker entertainment in the business! Take a look at our stiltwalkers. All our street theatre entertainers are professional and very talented. We aim to give your street theatre corporate party the best street theatre entertainment in the business. Hire comedy waiter characters for your corporate party entertainment. If you want to hire waiter characters corporate entertainment, call us and we will be very happy to help! Contraband’s walkabout animals themed entertainment is a must for any walkabout animals corporate event. Contraband is a walkabout animals corporate entertainment agency that organise the most successful walkabout animals corporate entertainment events. Are you looking for a really good walkabout character? If so, we have lots of show stopping walkabout character performers on our books.  We offer great walkabout comedy for all types of walkabout comedy events. Our walkabout comedy wear the most bright and colourful costumes. We offer great walkabout musical for all types of walkabout musical events. Our walkabout musical wear the most bright and colourful costumes.