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Sparklers - LED Drummers | Newcastle| North East| UK

Gallery – click images for larger versions


About The Sparklers

Surprise, delight and dazzle your guests with Sparklers! A world-class act that combines high impact drumming with kaleidoscopic lighting design to create a performance that guarantees to wow any audience. These entertainers have enthralled people of all ages and cultures the world over; whether as a high energy opening act or a stunning finale, the show has received glowing reviews at all manner of corporate and private events, including

- Award ceremonies
- After dinner entertainment
- Conferences
- Product launches
- Store openings
- Cocktail parties
- Garden parties
- Sporting events

The show is extremely adaptable and incorporates static set-pieces, parading between sites and audience interaction. Their flexible set times – from 30 seconds to 45 minutes in one set or up to 90 minutes (split into shorter sets) over the course of the day – ensures each performance is tailored to the client’s vision. Typically, the show has five performers but for bigger events this can be scaled up to ten performers. What’s more, the act is completely self-contained, enabling the group to travel effortlessly across the globe.

Sparklers is both stunning by night and magical by day, and is perfect for corporate events and product launches as the dramatic lighting can be easily branded to tie in with the client’s colours. The playful characters will lead your guests on a spellbinding journey; culminating in a climax of light, sound, smoke and movement.

Book Sparklers now to make your event truly spectacular.

Standard Length of Performance:

On the street: up to 70 minutes combining site specific static performances and movement between performance sites.

In a parade: up to 90 minutes.

On stage: up to 20 minutes. A stage performance will work well as the finale to a parade or street performance or can be performed as a standalone piece.

A minimum of 1 hour break between each show will be needed and a maximum of 2 shows per day.

Warm up and setup time is 3.5 hours and set down is 75 minutes.



Sparklers will need a minimum of 2 stewards to accompany the group during the show, and during any movement between performance sites. The Sparklers performance involves a lot of movement in which the audience are required to move and the responsibility of the stewards will be to ensure that the audience are a safe distance from the group at all times. This includes preventing audience members from wandering between the performers and shepherding the audience as the performers move. It is the responsibility of the event organisers to supply enough stewards for the projected number of audience members.


"Visually arresting, acoustically impressive… the drummers wowed the audience of thousands gathered to celebrate New Year’s Eve. [Sparklers] have come up with a winning combination of percussion, technology and great costume design.
­- Walk the Plank

Never have I seen an audience so completely engaged in a piece of entertainment...
- Helen Thackeray, Hull City Council

I had person after person after person come up to me afterwards, ­all absolutely full of enthusiasm for what they'd seen... From the moment [Sparklers] made their entry they had captured the audience ­and everyone was still talking about it the next morning… thank you for an utterly compelling, entertaining, rousing, lively, awakening and professional performance."
­- SecoTools

...dramatic, funny, intense and alarming – they brought the whole occasion alive.
- Cat, via Contraband International Ltd

Absolutely brilliant! You will be the talking point at work for next few days/weeks/months!!
­ GF Smith

I can’t stress enough how fantastic the shows were and you guys were out of this world!!
­ 311 Entertainment, Dubai

Technical Specification

Sparklers are LED drummers in Newcastle, perfect for hen party entertainment, bat mitzvah entertainment, bar mitzvah entertainment, wedding entertainment, wedding reception entertainment, asian wedding entertainment, festival entertainment, party entertainment, private parties, birthday party entertainment, civil partnership entertainment, high end entertainment, international event entertainment, after dinner shows.