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Our Artist Spotlight blogs are a weekly feature where we focus on one of our performers...

With the announcement of Oscar nominations this week, awards season is in full swing. Seamstres...

In a post-truth age when 2+2 increasingly equals 5, reality can be difficult to distinguish fro...

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Celebrities, Speakers & Talent

Famous Pop Artistes

Some of the most famous pop artists and bands in the world, available to hire, from Contraband International

Urban & Hip Hop Artistes

Providing some of the hippest names in Urban and Hip Hop genre to hire.

Famous DJs & Beatboxers

Some of the best DJs and Beatboxers in the world can booked through Contraband International, for your corporate events and parties.

Rock Artistes

A selection of Rock Bands and singers available to hire to rock your party.

Classical Talent

A great selection of classical performers to hire, for your corporate events.

Jazz, Swing & Blues Artistes

A selection of famous Jazz, Swing and Blues Artistes available to hire from Contraband International.

Soul & Disco Artistes

Some of the most famous Soul & Disco artistes available to hire from Contraband International

Indie & Electronic Artistes

A huge selection of Indie and Electronic artistes for you to hire for your corporate event or private party.

Country Artistes

Providing some of the best names in Country Music to hire

World Music Artistes

A great selection of famous artists in World Music to liven up your event.

Singer Songwriters

A host of world renowned singer songwriters available to hire from Contraband International.

Celebrity Comedians

From big TV names to up-and-coming comedy stars on the circuit.

Celebrity Hosts & Speakers

A selection of the best motivational speakers, awards hosts & more.

Celebrity Chefs

Some of the best chefs in the business

Celebrities to Hire as DJs

A host of famous faces to work their magic on the dance floor.

Britain's Got Talent Acts

The best of the acts from the entire history of the hit talent TV show.

X Factor

A massive selection of the best X Factor singers to hire from every series of the show.

The Voice

A selection of the best The Voice singers to hire from recent series of the show.

TV Stars & Personalities

Including the best in TV magicians & other famous personalities to hire.

Welcome to Contraband International, award-winning entertainment & talent agency. Based in London and working on events both across the UK and internationally, we provide the best speakers, celebrities and famous musicians for all types of corporate events and parties, private celebrations, PR campaigns and international events. Contraband works as a speaker bureau for a range of motivational speakers, keynote speakers, awards hosts, after dinner speakers and conference facilitators. We also work as a celebrity booking agency so you are able to hire talent for a range of corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and awards ceremonies. If you are looking to hire a celebrity, whether it be a famous comedian or a famous DJ to perform at your event, then Contraband has it covered, just get in touch to see who we can recommend to you.

Contraband International are a booking agent for celebrities speakers, celebrity hosts and lots more. To hire famous bands and musicians, call us and we can help. Hire Famous DJs for your corporate entertainment.  We are a talent agent that can book celebrities such as famous DJs, a famous comedians. If you would like to hire  Britain's Got Talent acts or book X Factor singers, Contraband can provide any big name for your corporate event. Contraband also works as a speakers bureau to book motivational speakers, keynote speakers, awards hosts, famous presenters, conference facilitators, expert speakers and much more for your event. Contraband are a booking agency for celebrities, so you can hire celebrities for your corporate event or for hire them for your conference or awards ceremony